Despite the wide variety of live-action games out there, there are some rules common between them to ensure that live-action is safe and enjoyable for all participants and bystanders.

  • No Touching: All combat and physical interaction is generally handled through the rules. Players must never strike, grapple, or otherwise touch anyone during the game - some games allow some consensual touching in specific instances, but it doesn’t hurt to assume “no touching” is the rule. The Storyteller should call a time-out if one or more players start straining at this rule.
  • No Weapons: No knives, no swords, no klaives and nothing that even remotely resembles a firearm should be carried. It’s best to represent weapons with index cards marked “Grand Klaive” or “Glock” or the like; during combat challenges, present the card to the Storyteller, who will adjudicate its use in play.
  • Play in a Designated Area: Most games should take place in private areas. Don’t involve bystanders in the game, and make sure everyone in the area, or who passes through the area, understands exactly what you’re doing. And always, always be polite to people outside the game.
  • Know When to Stop: If the Storyteller calls for a timeout or other break in the action, stop immediately. In Live-Action, the Storyteller is still the final arbiter of all game events.