How to use this book

While this book doesn’t include everything from the universe originally portrayed in Werewolf: The Apocalypse, it is intended to be a close-to comprehensive look that covers all the areas of the game at least a little bit. The organization is as follows:

Chapter One: Into the Silver Record describes the overall setting, the basics of the Garou Nation and their struggle, and the interaction between the Garou and other supernaturals within the World of Darkness.

Chapter Two: Warriors of Gaia elaborates on the breeds, auspices and tribes that define what is to be a werewolf, and includes the rules for creating a character.

Chapter Three: Laws of the Wyld details the systems that make Werewolf: The Enraged unique in their universe, including combat, social interactions and Conditions/Tilts related to the werewolves.

Chapter Four: The Spiritual Realm covers the spiritual influence, and details therein, of the Penumbra and the denizens of it’s realms, including the demi-realms specific to the Garou.

Chapter Five: Storytelling and Antagonists provides a collection of advice and techniques for Storytellers, useful in preparing and running engaging chronicles in the world of Werewolf: The Enraged. This also includes listings of example and iconic NPCs, both as friends and foes, that enhance the universe the system is based on.

Chapter Six: Changing Breeds lists the different Changing Breeds in the universe, including those that have fallen and those that are mostly unknown in the current universe, but have a chance of impacting the Garou, both for good and for bad.

Appendix A: Camps and the Lost Ones is a collection of listings of the camps belonging to each tribe, along with the Gifts and Deals unique to those camps, that make them special and favored among the Garou. This includes the formerly extinct tribes and changing breeds.

Appendix B: Conditions lists Conditions, both normal and Persistent, that are direct components of Garou society.

Appendix C: Frenzy in the Music City gives an example chronicle and settings for Werewolf: The Enraged, based in Nashville, TN. This includes the layout of the major Sept in the city, the antagonists and specific supernatural flair found only in the Music City.