What This Book Is
  • A Modern Experience: Whether you be new to the game, or an experienced veteran, Werewolf: The Enraged allows you to step into the shoes of a race struggling to survive in an ever-evolving landscape, digging into the modern world
  • A Howl of Renewal: The world is no longer preaching the dangers of pollution and the dying environment. Sure, there are still remnants of that around, with talk of global warming and the “polar vortex” still prevalent in the news, but it is mostly used as political fodder for aspiring politicians to make their name on the world. Long gone are the eco-terrorists, attacking oil refineries because of the pollution they brought to the world. A theme of nature’s renewal is no longer a headline in the newspapers, and with that change comes a change in overall view for this genre. Where Werewolf: The Apocalypse preached about the end times, the world continues to spin even after 20 years of ongoing turmoil. The world keeps up with the corruption, and adapts to it, attempting to use it to grow. Because of this, Werewolf: The Enraged has progressed past the Apocalypse and into something brand new, less about surviving the impending end of the world and now coming back with a vengeance, a dying species on the verge of extinction, fighting back against the forces that have made them that way.
  • A Thank You: Werewolf: The Apocalypse made historical waves of it’s own, spawning numerous organizations and games played, collaboratively, across the globe. This book is not a replacement on the endeavors made by White Wolf and The Onyx Path to update the universe, but instead, is based on it, allowing the universe to evolve and grow with the times, building into the rich New World of Darkness they have moved into. This is also not a replacement for the translation guide that brought the tribes of old into the Lodges of the Uratha. Werewolf: The Forsaken is a rich vein, similar in some ways but very different in others, and due to the universe’s similarities, it is very easy to mesh right along side Werewolf: The Forsaken as a separate take on the turmoil the werewolves take. Where the Uratha strive for balance in all things, the Garou strive to just even the odds, lowering the hold that the Wyrm and Weaver - some would say the Classic World of Darkness’ God-Machine - has over the world so that they have even a fighting chance of returning Gaia to her previous glory.