The Triat

Three forces form the whole of creation. They’re personified as the mysterious Triat: werewolves know them as the Wyrm, the Weaver, and the Wyld. According to the Garou, this trinity collectively shapes and controls eternity, even as the three cosmic forces act against each other. This view might seem a bit simplistic, but the cosmos works in mysterious ways. Supernatural creatures act of their own free will (restrained by their bestial hungers and sinful desires), but from a spiritual point of view, nearly every monster and paranormal entity in the world can be seen as a minion, agent, or unwitting contributor to one of these three forces.

Spiritualists love to make analogies to the three forces of the Triat; despite this, no one set of referents define them. They are known as the forces of chaos, order, and balance; creation, growth, and destruction, potential, making, and unmaking; stasis, dynamism, and entropy; even the guises of the fertile maiden, wise mother, and decaying crone reflect the Triat. From any of these three words comes a host of philosophies, but for the Garou, these are more than concepts. Supernatural entities of different philosophies, tribes, Traditions, and cults argue particulars about the Triat, but most attempts to define them in terms of moral philosophy or good and evil inevitably go astray. Gaia’s greatest champions, the Garou, fight to survive in a hostile cosmos where they’re perpetually surrounded by the conflicts of the Triat. Giving them more names to define them is a desperate attempt to cope with that conflict.

Theories hold that the three personifications of the Triat are most likely to assume their “true forms” in the Deep Umbra, but no two accounts of these avatars are ever the same. The prevailing belief is that they’re so primal and transcendent no traveler can behold them; instead, the enlightened and the damned can only behold one aspect of the Wyrm, Weaver, or Wyld at a time. Any such sighting is clearly a manifestation of the whole. If a pack claims to see the Wyrm as a titanic dragon in the stars, even if they could conceivably kill it, that manifestation is only one small fragment of the Wyrm. Kill a head of the hydra, and another appears. Clever creatures rationalize that each third of the Triat is really the collective sum of all spirits that represent it. Since it’s a cosmic, primal force that cannot be eradicated by anything short of the Apocalypse, that practical definition is as good as any.