Spirit Types

“Whatever is in creation, has a spirit.” That saying is the first thing a Theurge Den Parent teaches cubs in her charge. It seems to be a statement of the obvious, but like so many such statements, it’s a signpost on the road to wisdom. The spirit world is a complete reflection of the material world, and everything in the physical world has the potential to cast its own spirit reflection.


The height of the organization within the spirit world even the eldest Garou has been able to determine is the concept of Broods. Greater Incarnae, especially Tribal Totems, have a series of spirits that have sworn fealty to the Totem, following in it’s stead. These Broods can span multiple different types of spirits, all under one Brood. For example, the Brood of Grandfather Thunder, a spirit of Cunning, contains Typhon, a spirit of Glory.

It is webs such as these that give a hint at a cohesion that goes above the Greater Incarnae, but none have been able to determine if the Celestines have explicit broods or if their relationships are on a level of complexity above the understanding of any Garou outside of Legends of Gaia. However, it has been rumored that Sunrise-Heart, Legend Red Talon Galliard, squirreled information away about further organization, prior to his fall in British Columbia.

When dealing with broods of spirits, Garou should be careful to consider the feelings of the spirit’s broodmates. Offending a member of a spirit’s brood can result in bad feelings between the entire group of spirits and the Garou. Being adopted as a member of a brood is a high honor, roughly equivalent to joining a pack, and offending one member of the brood is tantamount to offending the entire brood, resulting in severe consequences if the offense is heinous enough.


Pristine and well-groomed, these spirits are the epitome of grace and elegance. Normally viewed as haughty in demeanor, they frown on a lack of ettiquete and quorum, sticking to the letter of the law and expecting those who approach them to do the same. They are by far the most organized of spirits, and their broods tend to be well split out, their intentions and motivations highly structured, steeped in hierarchy.


Strength; this is the primary precept to spirits of Glory. Only the fittest survive, and these spirits embody strength in every form. These are normally large, imposing spirits, gruff in demeanor and very demanding of any who approach them. They are also finicky, turning away any Garou who shows even a hint of weakness, whether physically or mentally.


Quiet and contemplative, these spirits are known sources of knowledge throughout the Umbra and beyond. They are most closely likened to Librarians, holding onto knowledge like Galliards, only in a more eclectic degree. They normally specialize in a specific kind of information, and their airy nature tends to make them the most disorganized of spirit broods. Spirits of Wisdom normally exact a high price in return for information, seeing that giving the information to just anyone lessens the impact and influence they have in their own ways.


By far the least obvious of spirits, spirits of Cunning regularly stick to the shadows, keeping as far from Garou and other creatures as possible, as is there nature. Even the wisest of Theurge is unable to determine even the oldest or youngest of the Cunning spirits, as they leave much to be discerned and nothing much ever proven. The forms of these spirits vary wildly from spirit to spirit, but the higher rank the spirit has attained, the more likely it is to be able to shift its form in the blink of an eye.


The most blatant of spirits, those of Vigilance are crusaders against the Wyrm and Weaver’s influences. They are violent to a fault when it comes to the enemies and their minions, often seen confronting Banes and Pattern Spiders alike through the use of their Numen and, sometimes, even physically. Their primary motivation is most closely associated with the core purpose of The Garou Nation; staving off total annihilation by the Wyrm and Weaver.


Other Spirits

There are numerous other spirits that don’t quite fit into the five standard types. These tend to be lesser ranked spirits, such as Gafflings and Lesser Jagglings, as they are more limited in their mentality and influence, not complex enough to have determined a specific fit. These spirit “types” are below.


The spirits a Garou is mostly likely to encounter are nature spirits. Long ago, the Umbra was filled with active spirits, and every stream, every tree, every stone, every thinghad a living spirit connected to it. Now, the Umbra is largely barren and featureless. Only a few nature spirits still exist, and most of them are in Slumber.

All spirits listed here possess the Numina of Airt Sense and Reform in addition to those listed.

Animal Spirits

Animal spirits look like an ideal of the species they represent. There are far too many varieties of animal spirits to list here; many others have disappeared as species have become extinct.

In addition to teaching Gifts and Deals to select Garou, many werewolves find it wise to appease animal spirits after hunting their kind for food. Most Garou, particularly Wendigo and lupus, believe that animal spirits have totem Incarnae, called Animal Fathers. The Animal Fathers watch their children from lodges in the Near Umbra. Werewolves who don’t show proper respect to animal spirits may draw the ire of an Animal Father, who can prevent births of that animal in the physical world.

The following are some sample animal Gafflings:

  • Deer (Rank 1): Power 2, Finesse 3, Resistance 2, Willpower 4, Initiative +5, Speed 15, Defense 3, Corpus 6, Essence 9, Numina: No special Charms
  • Falcon (Rank 2): Power 3, Finesse 5, Resistance 3, Willpower 6, Initiative +8, Speed 18, Defense 5, Corpus 5, Essence 14, Numina: Swift Flight
  • Snake (Rank 2): Power 2, Finesse 6, Resistance 3, Willpower 5, Initiative +9, Speed 18, Defense 6, Corpus 4, Essence 12, Numina: Paralyzing Stare (as the Gift)
  • Wolf (Rank 2): Power 5, Finesse 4, Resistance 4, Willpower 9, Initiative +8, Speed 19, Defense 5, Corpus 8, Essence 15, Numina: Tracking
Glade Child

The spirits of trees, Glade Children appear as robed luminescent figures. A Glade Child’s appearance depends on its tree’s location in the physical realm. In a forest, the spirit appears majestic and powerful; near a busy intersection, the spirit will seem grimy and waiflike. This extends to the information it can impart to the Garou — the more a tree has become tainted, or the more tightly it is woven into the Pattern Web, the less reliable its information becomes. The spirits of deciduous trees are bright-eyed and watchful during the summer months, becoming sluggish and harder to rouse in late fall and winter.

  • Sapling (Rank 1): Power 2, Finesse 1, Resistance 5, Willpower 7, Initiative +6, Speed 13, Defense 2, Corpus 11, Essence 10, Numina: Cleanse the Blight, Realm Sense
  • Mature Oak (Rank 3): Power 4, Finesse 2, Resistance 9, Willpower 13, Initiative +11, Speed 16, Defense 4, Corpus 19, Essence 20, Numina: Cleanse the Blight, Realm Sense
  • Ancient Redwood (Rank 4): Power 9, Finesse 5, Resistance 12, Willpower 21, Initiative +17, Speed 24, Defense 9, Corpus 30, Essence 25, Numina: Cleanse the Blight, Realm Sense

The most common of Luna’s Jagglings appear as shimmering ribbons of light outlined in gold or blue. They communicate empathically, spiraling or undulating more rapidly as they become excited. Most Lunes are positively disposed toward Garou, as long as the werewolves don’t get too bossy. Lunes can open moon bridges at will, and they may create moon bridges for Garou who petition them. During the full moon, however, there’s no guarantee where the moon-mad spirit’s pathways will send them.

  • (Rank 4) Power 8, Finesse 12, Resistance 10, Willpower 18, Initiative +22, Speed 36, Defense 12, Corpus 14, Essence 24, Numina: Open Moon Bridge

The most common of Grandfather Thunder’s spirit servants, Stormcrows are the totem’s eyes and ears. They are connected to him at all times, and they often serve as pack totem avatars for Thunder.

  • (Rank 2) Power 2, Finesse 7, Resistance 3, Willpower 5, Initiative +10, Speed 22, Defense 7, Corpus 5, Essence 11, Numina: Create Wind, Tracking
The Wendigo

A blue humanoid with great claws and fangs, the Wendigo has fiery eyes and black stumps for feet. The Wendigo runs through the sky on missions of vengeance, tracking its prey. If it succeeds, it eats its victim’s heart; if thwarted, the Wendigo eats the heart of the one who summoned it. This is the spirit summoned with the Gift: Call the Cannibal Spirit.

  • (Rank 3) Power 9, Finesse 4, Resistance 9, Willpower 18, Initiative +13, Speed 23, Defense 9, Corpus 15, Essence 18, Numina: Blast (Ice), Create Wind, Freeze, Materialize, Tracking
The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt is the personification of fury and an instrument of Stag’s vengeance. The Fianna can call upon it when in dire straits from a Wyrm menace. It is not called lightly, for the Garou can get caught up in the Hunt and consumed by it. The Huntsman and his pack are a morass of wild spiritual energy rather than specific entities.

  • The Huntsman (Rank 4): Power 7, Finesse 11, Resistance 9, Willpower 16, Initiative +20, Speed 28, Defense 11, Corpus 14, Essence 25, Numina: Armor, Materialize, Tracking
  • The Hounds (Rank 2): Power 6, Finesse 5, Resistance 3, Willpower 9, Initiative +8, Speed 21, Defense 6, Corpus 7, Essence 15, Numina: Materialize (use Huntsman’s Dice Pool), Tracking

Garou serve their tribe and Gaia, and not even death can end their service. The spirits of the long-dead wait in the Umbra, watching over their descendants. Some can aid the living, lending their knowledge, wisdom, or even their expertise in combat.

Most ancestor-spirits reside in their tribe’s Umbral homeland. A few might exist near their sept’s caern, while some are bound to powerful fetishes. Garou can bargain with an ancestor-spirit for aid or Gifts, much as with other spirits — though an ancestor is likely to be favorably disposed to her descendants, assuming they’ve not brought the bloodline into disrepute. The Ancestors Background allows a Garou to call upon his ancestors, allowing an ancestor-spirit to possess his body temporarily, granting him that ancestor’s skill and knowledge.

It’s fair to question whether ancestor-spirits are really the spirits of dead Garou. Some believe them to be the spirits of the departed, while others believe that they are a combination of the memories and personalities of the departed werewolves wrapped around an ephemeral spiritual core — the spirit of the Garou has returned to Gaia to be reborn, but her personality lives on. While a werewolf’s opinion on her ancestor-spirits says a lot about his views on the spirit world, the answer doesn’t alter the very real impact of ancestor-spirits in Garou society.

Some rare humans can leave ancestor-spirits, especially Kinfolk. These ancestor-spirits aren’t as powerful as the ancestors of Garou, because humans don’t share the werewolves’ spiritual might when alive. Even so, it is a mark of honor for any being to become an ancestor-spirit on passing.

Ancestor-spirits vary greatly in ability, depending both on their power before death and their strength of will. The following is a sample Garou spirit:

  • (Rank 3) Power 7, Finesse 7, Resistance 7, Willpower 14, Initiative +14, Speed 24, Defense 7, Corpus 14, Essence 17, Numina: An ancestor’s Numina relate to their tribal or auspicial Gifts and Deals. For example, an Ahroun may possess the Armor Charm and a Glass Walker may have powers similar to an electricity elemental or a Net-Spider.


Elementals are spiritual manifestations of the “classical” elements: the core substances that make up all things.

For centuries, the only elementals known were of the four classical elements: earth, fire, air, and water. In recent times, Garou have discovered spirits that look like elementals but that embody other substances — Glass Walkers frequently traffic with glass and plastic elementals, while the spread of industrial society spawned electricity and metal elementals. No werewolf has yet discovered a spirit related to an element from the periodic table; fluorine elementals remain the stuff of horror stories for chemically-minded Garou.

Elementals vary wildly in power, from the Lesser Gafflings in a candle-flame to the Incarna-like power of the water in an ocean. The following Traits apply to minor elementals:

Earth Elemental

These spirits often appear as collections of rocks connected in a vaguely humanoid form, or simply as a moving bulge in the ground.

  • (Rank 1) Power 3, Finesse 1, Resistance 4, Willpower 7, Initiative +5, Speed 14, Defense 3, Corpus 6, Essence 10, Numina: Armor, Materialize, Umbraquake
Air Elemental

Air elementals are invisible unless passing through a field of dust or fog, but can be easily heard or felt.

  • (Rank 1) Power 2, Finesse 5, Resistance 1, Willpower 3, Initiative +6, Speed 17, Defense 5, Corpus 3, Essence 10, Numina: Create Wind, Updraft
Fire Elemental

These mercurial spirits typically manifest as a swirling column of flame.

  • (Rank 1) Power 3, Finesse 3, Resistance 2, Willpower 5, Initiative +5, Speed 16, Defense 3, Corpus 4, Essence 10, Numina: Blast (Flame), Create Fires
Water Elemental

These elementals can appear as individual pools of water, a “thickening” in a larger body of water, or even a transparent humanlike form.

  • (Rank 1) Power 3, Finesse 4, Resistance 1, Willpower 4, Initiative +5, Speed 17, Defense 4, Corpus 3, Essence 10, Numina: Cleanse the Blight, Flood, Healing
Glass Elemental

Glass elementals appear as a humanoid form made up of numerous shards of glass.

  • (Rank 1) Power 2, Finesse 5, Resistance 1, Willpower 3, Initiative +6, Speed 17, Defense 5, Corpus 3, Essence 10, Numina: Blast (Glass shards), Materialize, Shatter Glass
Electricity Elemental

These spirits can appear as arcs of electricity, St. Elmo’s Fire, or ball lightning.

  • (Rank 1) Power 2, Finesse 4, Resistance 2, Willpower 4, Initiative +6, Speed 16, Defense 4, Corpus 4, Essence 10, Numina: Blast (Lightning), Control Electrical Systems, Short Out
Enigmatic Spirits

Garou typically deal with spirits tied to concrete entities in the physical world. As such, they’re inherently understandable — though a mountain can’t speak, it’s fairly easy to envision the spirit of a mountain and hear its voice. A few spirits instead relate to abstracts; lacking a frame of reference, many werewolves find them difficult to comprehend. Some Garou have overcome these obstacles, and all were richer for their efforts.


Chimerlings are Jagglings of the totem Chimera. They are Enigma given form, changing shape as they choose. They haunt dreams, passing on messages that often don’t make sense until after the prophecy has come to pass. Some Garou seek out Chimerlings and find them at the end of dream-quests, where the spirit is willing to teach Gifts to those who understand its lessons.

  • (Rank 1) Power 4, Finesse 12, Resistance 12, Willpower 16, Initiative +24, Speed 26, Defense 12, Corpus 14, Essence 24, Numina: Shapeshift

Englings are Jaggling spirit-servants of Gaia herself, spirits of Gnosis that Garou hunt during moots. Once caught, werewolves thank the Engling for giving itself to strengthen the Garou. If the ceremony is performed properly, the participants regain all their Gnosis, and the Engling re-forms elsewhere in the Umbra (see Sacred Hunt, p. XX).

  • (Rank 3) Power 6, Finesse 6, Resistance 6, Willpower 12, Initiative +12, Speed 22, Defense 6, Corpus 8, Essence 20, Numina: No special Charms

Spirits of curiosity, Curiosi are small Gafflings that flit about the Umbra seemingly at random, though they seem attracted to werewolves and other Umbral travelers. Each Curiosus appears as a nested set of brightly-colored filigreed spheres, each spinning inside the next. Each spirit is a puzzle that a suitably-minded Garou may be able to solve, if he can keep the spirit around for long enough — which usually requires spending a point of Gnosis. Solving the puzzle is a Wits + Occult roll; if successful, the werewolf gains both a point of Gnosis and a point of Willpower per success.
Careful observation and meditation can reveal that the Curiosus is fascinated by physical beings, and that it will watch them for as long as they watch it.

  • (Rank 2) Power 4, Finesse 6, Resistance 4, Willpower 8, Initiative +10, Speed 20, Defense 6, Corpus 6, Essence 14, Numina: Illuminate

Each Epiphling embodies an idea or concept. Common Epiphlings include those of peace, envy, lust, death, and speed. Although Epiphlings are easier for Garou to understand than Chimerlings, most Garou aren’t sure where these spirits reside in the spiritual hierarchy. The Stargazers, who have studied this kind of spirit more than other tribes, suggest that Epiphlings are the spirits of pure thought and platonic ideals made manifest. Some clearly spawn from strong emotions and powerful thoughts in the physical world, while other Epiphlings seem to spring into being deep in the Umbra. Besides learning Gifts from them, Garou often bind Epiphlings into fetishes — especially those that deal with thoughts or emotions. Each Epiphling is a unique spirit, and the Storyteller should create appropriate Traits. Most of these spirits that Garou encounter are Gafflings, but some werewolves have encountered particularly powerful concept-spirits that ranked as Jagglings and, rarely, even Incarna.