As one would expect, the Garou are a little bit biased when they talk about Gaia. They live and die in a never-ending campaign to heal and protect Her, so She’s a bit more than a reference from a mythology textbook to them. Gaia is called a goddess, but that doesn’t describe Her adequately. In fact, many claim that She’s more than a Celestine, although Her most comprehensible aspect takes the form of one. Some Theurges even claim that Earth itself is a Celestine form: a fragment of creation limited by what humans can see, understand, and experience. Theurges and Galliards take this further, since they’re quick to spout poetic and transcendental rhapsodies, claiming that Her true form is so much larger that the Triat that Her form is ultimately unknowable. For most Garou, the point is largely moot. Gaia is all around them, composed from the living essence of creation. Fighting for Gaia in the real world is far more understandable than any cosmological rationalization.