Deep Umbra

Beyond the membrane, Gaia’s presence is less and less perceptible in the Deep Umbra. Reality breaks down, and navigation becomes progressively more difficult. This is the home of the Weaver, Wyld, and Wyrm, and it’s a challenge for even the eldest Garou. The only comforting sanctuary is the domain of Luna as she passes through the heavens. As with the Astral Realm, mages are far more prepared to deal with the horrors of this realm than werewolves are.

Like stories of the World Tree, tales of the Deep Umbra are contradictory, and have changed over time. No two journeys are exactly the same. Elder Glass Walkers have returned with tales of ships sailing through luminiferous ether; elder Shadow Lords intimidate cubs with cautionary tales of a pitch-black, deathly cold abyss where only insight can lead a troubled mind to safety; Stargazers, as one would expect, have wondrous tales of living constellations, intelligent light, extra-dimensional enigmas, and a panorama of more stars than a cub could ever witness on Earth. What a traveler seeks, she will ultimately find, if that’s a hero’s fate. If she leads a pack into her vision of the Deep Umbra, she can lead them to rapture and revelation or to the terrors of psychic annihilation. Fates beyond the stars await beyond a werewolf’s greatest dreams and nightmares.