The Astral Realm

The Penumbra reflects life; the Dark Umbra reflects death; the Astral Realm is separate from both of those realms. It’s a realm of the mind, constructed from ideals and pure intellect. If the Dark Umbra is said to be “below” our world, then the Astral Realm is described as being “above” it. (As dimensions that defy conventions of Earthly reality, the words “above and below” don’t fully do them justice, but no other word comes close.) Garou tell tales of this realm, but they rarely have the privilege of entering it. Although there have been sightings of Stargazers in the Astral Realm, such events are exceptional. Occultists are more familiar with stories of mages in the Astral Realm; loremasters know the tales are possible because of the willworkers’ command of Mind magic. Garou who study the mysteries of the occult know more about this, but the chances of them traveling there are remote in the extreme.