lens are simpler versions of fetishes, created with the Rite of Binding, which are easier to create but more limited in effect. Like fetishes, talens are objects that contain spirits. They require the same roll to activate as fetishes, but do not require attunement prior to use. However, talens can be used only once. After fulfilling the terms of its binding pact, the talen’s spirit departs and the item loses its potency.

Where forceful binding into a fetish is a slap in the face of the entire spirit world, werewolves consider aggressive binding into a talen acceptable, as the binding is only temporary.

A talen’s Gnosis rating is equal to the bound spirit’s rank. One extra talen of the same type can be made for each additional success on the Rite of Binding roll. For example, three successes create three Bane arrows. Gafflings are commonly bound to make talens; more powerful spirits make the creation of multiple talens easier, adding two or three extra talens to the total number generated. Talens last until used.