Sample Talens

Bane Arrows

Gnosis 1

These obsidian-headed arrows unerringly seek Banes, whether or not they are visible. They hit Banes automatically and deal aggravated damage equal to the number of successes achieved when activating the fetish. The bite of a Bane arrow is so painful that no Bane can resist howling in agony. Wyrm-spirits can sometimes sense the presence of these talens, and may not wait for the archer to fire before acting.

To create a Bane arrow, one must bind a spirit of war, air, or pain into the arrow.

Chiropteran Spies

Gnosis 2

These Shadow Lord talens look like wooden bat figurines, which come to life when activated. The Chiropteran Spies can serve as scouts, spies or diversions for up to 12 hours. When their tasks are completed, they turn to sawdust.

Similar talens exist among other tribes: The Silent Striders have clay scarabs, the Children of Gaia use porcelain doves, and the Glass Walkers have small metal insects.

To create a chiropteran spy, a bat-spirit must be bound to the carving.

Death Dust

Gnosis 2

When broken open, activated and sprinkled over the dead body of a recently (within a day) deceased creature, this small jar of dust allows the Garou to communicate with the corpse’s spirit.

To create death dust, one must bind a spirit of death, communication or divination into the jar.

Dire Call

Gnosis 3

This talen looks like a slender white stick about the size of a drinking straw. When the user snaps the stick in two and spends a point of Willpower, a call goes out which summons the nearest single Garou to the user’s location. If a group of Garou is nearby, this power targets the one that is physically closest to the user’s locale.

This talen differs from the Fetish: Horn of Distress, in that the werewolf must come (spending at least 10 turns or an hour, whichever is greater, doing everything in their power to reach the user’s location) once the Dire Call is activated. Using the Dire Call is risky because the talen’s power doesn’t distinguish between friends or enemies, nor does it demand that the Garou aid the Kin once he arrives. A Kinfolk could summon an enraged Red Talon, a Black Spiral Dancer, or just an indifferent werewolf with no vested interest in offering help.

A Lune must be bound into a birch stick to make this talen.

Hero's Call

Gnosis 2

This talen is a dry, herbal mixture. The user mixes the herbs with liquid, then drinks the mixture while making a Resolve + Composure roll or spending a Willpower point. If the roll is successful, she finds her Strength doubled (to a maximum of five dots). The additional Strength lasts for one scene.

To make the talen, the creator must mix a recipe of rare herbs in a container, then bind a thunder-spirit to the herbs.

Gaia's Breath

Gnosis 2

When this small, dried gourd is crushed and the dust sprinkled over an open wound, the talen heals up to four health levels of damage (even aggravated damage).

To create Gaia’s breath, one must bind a spirit of healing into a glyph-decorated gourd.

Long Whispers

Gnosis 2

No matter where a recipient might be - in the Gaian Realm or the Umbra - he can receive a brief written message (a paragraph, or about five full sentences) via this talen. The talen itself looks like a sheet of smooth, blank vellum. The user writes down the message, addresses the note (by name only), then activates the talen. The notepaper blows out of her hand as if moved by an unseen wind. After one scene, it comes into the recipient’s possession in much the same way.

To create this talen, a dove-spirit or pigeon-spirit must be bound into high quality vellum.

Moon Glow

Gnosis 2

This talen is a single moonbeam caught within a small crystal. Upon embarking on a journey into the Umbra, the wielder may activate this blessing from Luna. As long as it is carried continually, the journey should be a safe one. The crystal shatters once the Garou reaches his destination. This talen keeps away only incidental danger - it has no power to ward off enemies actively seeking the Garou, ambushes, or the repercussions of foolhardy actions such as insulting powerful spirits in their homes.

Only a Lune can empower a moon glow talen.

Moon Sign

Gnosis 2

This small wax seal bears the sign of the full moon. When activated and thrown down before any werewolf, the werewolf’s player must succeed on a Resolve + Composure + Rage roll, or the character changes immediately into Lupus form. This talen works on Black Spiral Dancers and other Fera as well, making them shift to their animal form.

To create a moon sign, one must bind a Lune, Wyld-spirit, or wolf-spirit into the seal.


Gnosis 2

This talen is distilled from the very essence of night. When quaffed, one fluid ounce of this liquid turns the imbiber’s body into shadow, rendering her virtually invisible in darkness. Only a watcher searching actively for the user can make a roll to spot her, though they still incur penalties in doing so (normally a -3 penalty). This effect lasts only an hour.

To create a nightshade, a spirit of night or darkness must be bound into a vial.

Test Vial

Gnosis 1

This talen allows a character to determine whether a person is Garou or Kinfolk, assuming the character can obtain a cell sample: blood, saliva, skin, hair, or the like. It looks like a simple test tube with a stopper. The tester drops her sample into the vial, seals it, shakes it, spends a Willpower point, and within five seconds, she has a thick crimson glop (Garou), a small amount of brownish powder (Kinfolk), or nothing. (No matter what other supernatural associations the person might have, non-Garou or Kinfolk samples simply evaporate.)

Ancestor, Divination, or Crow spirits may be bound into a normal test tube to create the fetish.

Wind Snorkel

Gnosis 1

If a Garou needs to swim underwater, burrow through the earth, or venture anywhere that she ordinarily cannot breathe, she can use this peculiar talen. Fitting the end of the tube into her mouth or muzzle, the werewolf can suck enough air through it to keep herself alive and moving onward on her journey, for as long as necessary. The tube need not protrude into air to function. The spirit departs when the Garou removes the tube from her mouth.

To create a wind snorkel, an air elemental must be bound into a flexible, hollow reed or bone antler.

Wyrm Scale

Gnosis 2

This sigil possesses some protection against the power of the Wyrm. Servants of the Wyrm revert to their true forms if the sigil activates in their presence. Some believe that this action alerts the Wyrm to the existence of the sigil, but in any event, the sigil combusts in a greenish fire immediately after use, and is incinerated completely.

To create a Wyrm scale, a Wyrm-spirit must be bound into the sigil.