Types of Rites

Rites have both religious and magical connotations, and they serve both social and mystical purposes. Most rites can be performed in either the Umbra or the physical world. When teaching rites, Garou may group them by the purpose each type of rite serves for the Garou and for Gaia: Rites of Accord, Caern Rites, Rites of Death, Mystic Rites, Rites of Punishment, Rites of Renown, Seasonal Rites, and Minor Rites are the most common types of rites that Garou practice. The basic requirements for each of these types of rites must be fulfilled to perform any of these rites successfully.

Descriptions and requirements for each type are listed here, along with common rites from each category, as well as some less-common rites of particular note or import.

A werewolf has the potential to learn any rite. All she must do is find a teacher. A Garou’s auspice usually determines the rites she is expected to learn (see Auspice Roles, below). Most elder Garou are more than willing to teach rites — in fact, the number of young werewolves who seem to discount rites as antiquated or cumbersome disturbs the elders. Many new packs fail to see the importance of rites, preferring to spend their time doing things that have a more “immediate” impact. However, these same elders compound their lack of communication by criticizing young wolves who insist on modernizing or individualizing rites to meet the needs of their packs.