Enacting a Rite

Ritemasters generally lead groups of Garou in the performance of rites. These rites are grand ceremonies, usually held at caerns, with much tradition and socializing going on around them. It is the nature of rites to be social affairs. Most rites require the presence of at least three Garou, although a lone werewolf may conduct certain minor rites and mystic rites. Many older septs frown on the practice of performing rites away from the group.

Rites require great concentration and skill on the part of the celebrant. Most rites take a minimum of 5 minutes to cast, though minor rites take from two minutes to enact. Rites almost always require some form of trinket or special material. The general requirements for particular categories of rites are detailed below.

It is the ritemaster’s responsibility to ensure that all the requirements are met and that all Garou present participate fully in the rite. The player or Storyteller should roll to determine the success of the rite. The exact nature and resistance to the roll will vary with each rite. Storytellers may decrease the resistance of a roll if the ritemaster and participating characters enact the rite particularly well (i.e., if the players roleplay it well).

For every five Garou beyond the base number required (again, usually three) who are present and helping perform the rite to the best of their ability, the resistance of the rite decreases by one (to a minimum resistance of 0).

Rites are considered to be a natural way of affecting the natural order. They’re part of how things work. Werewolves believe that if a rite is performed properly, the effect will occur naturally, just as a scientist would follow cause and effect. If you drop a rock, it will fall; if you perform a rite as it was handed down to you by your ancestor’s ancestors, then the desired effect will occur. However, some rites do require Gnosis. These rites are particularly powerful breaches of the natural order.

Based on the theme of the ritual, there are specific dice pools used to enact these rituals, as well as a specified casting time for them. Unless otherwise noted, the Dice Pools and Casting Time for the different rites are:

Theme Dice Pool Casting Time
Improvised Intelligence + Occult + Renown 30 minutes
Accord Manipulation + Socialize + Wisdom 15 minutes
Caern Resolve + Survival + Vigilance 15 minutes
Death Composure + Subterfuge + Honor 10 minutes
Mystic Wits + Occult + Wisdom 5 minutes
Punishment Presence + Intimidation + Glory 10 minutes
Renown Presence + Persuasion + Honor 5 minutes
Seasonal Stamina + Athletics + Vigilance 15 minutes
Minor N/A 2 minutes