Gifts and Deals

Were the Garou armed only with claw, fang, and Rage, they would have lost the war for Gaia long ago. The arsenal of the Mother’s warriors is varied and miraculous. In accordance with sacred pacts made at the dawn of time, spirits grant mystical blessings and powers — known as Gifts — to worthy Garou who know how to ask, and to those who impress the spirits. These Gifts attune werewolves to the spiritual power flowing throughout the Tellurian, and allow them to express that power in much the same fashion as spirits. Different tribes, auspices and even breeds are the inheritors of different mystical legacies, and so the Gifts normally granted to them differ.

Gifts are divided into lists, based on theme. Level One Gifts in these lists are the weakest, the first Gifts taught to the youngest Garou, while Level Five Gifts are extremely potent, normally reserved for the wisest, most honorable, and most glorious heroes of the Garou Nation. A beginning character may place three dots to assign to Gift Lists, two of which must be from the Lists assigned to her Tribe and Auspice. In the process of character creation, the player may spend experience points to purchase additional levels in Gift Lists.

As a character gains more experience, she may purchase more dots in Gift Lists. During play, a werewolf may learn the Gifts of other auspices or tribes, provided she can find a spirit (or other Garou) to teach her. However, these Gifts cost more than those normally associated with her own tribe, auspice and breed (see the Experience Point chart, p. XX).