Auspice Roles

Not all Garou have a natural affinity for leading the Great Rites. Many are content to know some minor rites and a smattering of rites most significant in their own eyes. In fact, Garou traditionally view werewolves born under certain auspices as the rightful ritemasters of the tribes. In particular, Theurges and Philodox are groomed for such positions from the time that they first enter the sept as adolescent cubs. It is almost unheard of for a Garou of either auspice not to have at least some skill in the enactment of rites. In general, Theurges tend to learn Mystic Rites, Seasonal Rites, and Caern Rites, while Philodox traditionally learn Rites of Accord and Punishment.

This isn’t to say that Garou of all auspices don’t learn rites, or even lead rites occasionally. Galliards are likely to lead Rites of Death and Renown. Ragabash and Ahroun may also learn and enact rites, although the sept is unlikely to encourage such behavior unless a particular reason comes up for such a Garou to lead a rite. For example, an Ahroun might lead his war party in a Rite of Wounding after a cub’s first battle. It’s wise to remember that individual packs are often (but not always) more flexible when interpreting such traditions, being more concerned with which packmate will best carry out a rite than with following every musty tradition. Any Garou is allowed to learn a Mystic Rite, regardless of auspice.