When Garou hit certain points in their degradation, the Wyrm manages to wiggle its way into the werewolves very essence, twisting their bodies to exhibit taints on their very soul. When losing Purity, a character can take a Taint and a Beat. If he does so, he becomes unable to lose Purity from that particular breaking point again. However, each bane causes a –1 die penalty to further detachment rolls, which speeds the bestial degeneration into the snarling beast within.

A character may only have three taints. You may choose from the sample taints below, or create your own. As a rule, most taints use Purity as part of their mechanics, and can affect Gnosis or cause bashing damage. Sometimes, they use the inverse of Purity, expressed as (10 - Purity). Many taints provoke frenzy. A werewolf cannot use more dice to resist a taint-provoked frenzy than she has Purity dots.

Taints are a player choice, but werewolf characters themselves do not choose them or the transgressions they affect.


Festering: You have a suppurating wound that will not close or cease oozing pus. You can be tracked easily simply by the spell of it. If attempting to hide, you suffer a -2 penalty to any Dexterity + Stealth rolls.

Innocence Lost: The sound of happiness and innocence makes you involuntarily howl in pain at what you have lost. If being subject to such situations, you must leave the area immediately or howl as loud as possible. If neither are done, you immediately enter Fox Frenzy.

Rusted Rash: Your sweat pores have been contaminated by Wyrm filth. Your touch burns, not doing damage, but discomforting those who are in physical contact with you.


Millionaire’s Mange: Inexpensive, soiled, and old clothing chafes at your skin, causing fur to fall out and welts to appear on open flesh wherever the material touches. While wearing such clothing, you suffer a -2 penalty to all physical actions from discomfort.


Liar’s Face: Upon entering battle, without a successful Resolve + Composure, you lose the ability to distinguish between friend and foe. Only your manifested totems are clearly friendly and trusted; everything else on the battlefield is a mixture of both friend and foe.


Helios’ Curse: Not only does the light of Helios cause you discomfort, even the minor light with natural sources drives you away. While fluorescent and other manufactured lights do not repel you, light from a candle, a torch, or even a bright moon at night cause you to seek refuge, hidden from its uncomfortable rays.

Fluid Form: By crossing over a body of water, your essence is intent to join with the fluidity of the water itself, forcing a change. This is dependent on your breed form; if born homid, your essence shifts to Lupus, if born lupus, your form shifts to homid, and if metis, your form shifts to either hispo or glabro (of the player’s choice at the time this Taint is acquired).

Bitter Herb: Just the smoke from the burnt wolvesbane plant is enough to repel the wolf inside, forcing your body to shift back to homid form.

Stinking Spark: Contact with bare electronics revolts the human-side of you, forcing you to revert to lupus form. Bare electronics can be anything with a current, such as a cellular device, a computer, or even a Bluetooth headset.

Inner Imbalance

Iterative Nature: Spider webs, bird’s nests, beaver dams and other natural construction affect you like the Weaver’s most complex patterns. If caught in them, the Gauntlet in the area increases for you by 2.

Spiral Lure: Spiral patterns entrance and attract you, pulling your very attention away from the task at hand. While within eyesight of one of these patterns, they are a constant distraction like an earworm, calling you to trace their pattern, and causing you to suffer a -2 penalty on any Mental roll.

Dance of Flame: Open flame calls you to feed it. When near the flicker and heat of fire, your primary desire, above anything else, is to watch the fire grow and consume. When attempting to do anything but, you suffer a -2 penalty on any Social roll, due to the sheer distraction of your utmost desire.


Ragabash: There is but one tenant of the Litany that you find yourself secretly desiring to pervert or violate. While you know it’s wrong, there is still a severe temptation burning within you, directing you to violate it in some way, albeit secretly. You may make a Resolve + Composure to resist the urge when presented with it, and if you fail, your body gives into its perverse desire.

Theurge: As a Shaman and spirit speaker, you find your social adequacies meshing better with spirits over those of wolves of any alliance, whether it be to the Sept or Nation. You suffer a -2 penalty to all Social rolls with other Garou, as they can sense your revulsion at the idea of having to “deal” with other Garou.

Philodox: The Judges are the arbiters in terms of mediation between Garou on political, and sometimes personal, matters. This has gone to your head, however, and when one or more people refuse to respect your judgment on a matter, you suffer a -2 penalty to all Mental rolls, as the feral beast inside refuses to think logically and only dwells on the wrong and how to fix it, normally through violence.

Galliard: Your penchant for storytelling has overwritten any other desire. When in combat, you find it hard to raise a claw without at least participating in conversation with anyone who will listen. For the first five rounds of any combat, you must do nothing but non-Gift Social rolls, in a plea for anyone to listen to you tell your tales.

Ahroun: Your auspice is the warriors, the leaders in a time of urgency and war. However, the touch of the Wyrm has corrupted your mind, keeping you from being able to make appropriate, split-second decisions when time matters most, and find it difficult to inspire the troops when you have lost courage in your own decisions. You suffer a -2 penalty to all Social rolls with other Garou in regards to planning and tactics for battle.