Werewolves heal at an incredible pace. A Garou regenerates her worst bashing or lethal health level every turn. Homid- and lupus-breed Garou can regenerate a health level each day while in their natural forms if they are in critical condition, but doing so doesn’t let them do much more than sleep. If they’re conscious and moving around in their breed form, they heal as humans do. Metis are blessed with full regeneration in every form.

Garou cannot regenerate aggravated damage with anything like the same speed. A character heals one health level of aggravated damage each day, as long as she spends her time resting in a form that normally regenerates.

Regenerating damage when engaged in a stressful or physically intensive activity (like combat) is harder for a werewolf. The player must roll the Garou’s Stamina each turn. This action is Reflexive. Success means that the werewolf heals as normal. Failure means that he heals no damage. A Dramatic Failure indicates that the werewolf cannot regenerate until she’s had a chance to rest.

Remaining Active

A critically injured werewolf can channel her Rage to save her life. It’s a risky proposition - if it succeeds, the werewolf is thrown into a wild frenzy. It’s sometimes the only way for a character to save her life, though.

To remain active, the player rolls his character’s Purity, as if rolling for degradation. Each success heals one health level of any kind of damage. No matter how much damage is healed, the character enters a berserk frenzy, without a roll to resist it.

Example: No-Shadow-Step is on the wrong end of some werewolf hunters with military equipment. He killed the hunter who got close with a silver knife, but couldn’t get away from a grenade that fell right at his feet. The explosive was packed with silver shrapnel, and he’s taken enough aggravated damage to fill his all but his last health level. There’s nothing for it. He has to channel his Rage. No-Shadow-Step has Purity 6, and his player rolls with 3-die as if for degradation, and manages two successes (healing 2 aggravated levels of damage). He enters his next turn in a brutal frenzy. The hunters thought he was down, but they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

A character can only channel her Rage in this way once per scene. If she takes more damage to fill up her health boxes again, she takes the worst effects of the damage and is unable to channel her Rage again for the purposes of healing.

Although her Rage can remove an awful lot of damage, supercharging a werewolf’s incredible regeneration comes with some side effects. A werewolf gains a Battle Scar (p. 259) whenever she successfully remains active.