The Madness of Luna: Silver

Silver, the lunar metal, is a werewolf’s great weakness. Most humans know from Hollywood movies or horror novels that a silver weapon can kill a werewolf. It’s difficult to fashion a weapon out of silver, but a skilled blacksmith or gunsmith can make such a weapon. Those who know of the Garou’s existence know to keep silver weaponry close.

In addition to turning normal attacks into aggravated damage, silver causes other problems for the Garou. Because of the spiritual connection and curse the Garou suffer with the metal, silver weapons gain the Total Armor Piercing quality. Just touching silver causes one level of aggravated damage per turn of contact, unless the werewolf is a homid or lupus in her breed form.

Some Garou carry silver, usually in the form of weaponry such as klaives. Doing so, however, comes with a price. The Garou’s natural allergy to silver causes a reduction in his Gnosis Pool. This loss remains in effect in all forms, including the character’s breed form. If the Garou discards or stores the silver object(s), the effect fades after a day.

For every five silver objects a pack carries, all its members suffer this reduction. In addition, carrying too many silver objects, especially bullets, may cause a loss of Legend Beats for the pack (not to mention being rather difficult to obtain).

Object Gnosis Loss
Silver bullets 2 points/5 bullets
Klaive 2 points
Grand Klaive 4 points

Not everything called “silver” by humans contains enough actual silver to be spiritually pure enough to harm a werewolf. Sterling silver (over 90% silver) is certainly pure enough to be spiritually active. At the Storyteller’s discretion, “Jewelry Silver” (80% pure) may be enough to affect werewolves. Argentite and Horn Silver are compounds of silver and certainly not spiritually pure, nor are compounds with “silver” in the name, including silver nitrate, silver chloride, or silver iodide. Some items can be plated with silver, rather than being made entirely of silver. These items deal damage as though they were silver weapons, but the plating is ruined after a couple of blows.