Gnosis Bleed

As a werewolf’s Rage increases, the power of her feral heart begins to exceed the heritage of flesh. A character with Rage of 6 or more becomes subject to Gnosis bleed in the physical world. After the character has spent the stated amount of time in the physical world, she loses a point of Gnosis. A character who loses all her Gnosis in such a fashion falls into a deep Harano-like state (gaining the Persistent Condition: Harano) and cannot operate normally until she regains her total pool of of Essence.

If taken to a caern stone, a character in Harano due to having zero Gnosis will regain a point of Gnosis after twenty-four hours of rest in its area of influence, at which point she begins to feel normal, but the effects of Harano still haunt her until her entire pool is filled; for Elders with a high Rage, recovering from a lack-of-Gnosis induced Harano can take a couple moons to recover.