Call of the Feral: The Curse

Rage has other effects on a werewolf beyond frenzy. Other animals, especially humans, can sense the predator that lurks just under a werewolf’s skin. When a human’s Willpower is less than a werewolf’s Rage, that human will avoid contact with the Garou if at all possible. He might cross the street to avoid “that weirdo,” decide to hail a cab rather than sticking around, or even run in fear. Most humans have a Willpower score of between 2 and 4, so the Curse is no laughing matter. Humans aren’t the only creatures affected by the Curse: wolves and other animals avoid the Garou whenever possible.

This Curse makes normal relationships with humans and wolves very hard, and maintaining a family next to impossible. The Rage within a werewolf makes even their own Kinfolk uncomfortable, albeit to a lesser degree. Only other werewolves can offer a Garou true companionship. The Litany commands against the logical result of such close companionship.