A player earns Beats for his character in many ways (listed below). When your character has gained five Beats, they convert to one Experience, which can be used to develop your character’s abilities.


You gain Beats when your character fulfills one of the criteria below.

  • If your character fulfills an Aspiration, take a Beat. At the end of the game session, replace the Aspiration.
  • Each Condition has criteria for resolution. When resolving a Condition, take a Beat.
  • Some Conditions provide Beats for actions other than resolution.
  • Any time you fail a roll, you may opt to make it a dramatic failure and take a Beat.
  • If your character takes lethal damage in one of her rightmost Health boxes, take a Beat. Werewolves do not gain Beats from bashing damage.
  • At the end of any game session, take a Beat.
  • Any time your character risks degradation (see p. XX), take a Beat.


Learning a Gift takes Experiences. An Affinity Gift dot costs three Experiences. Any other Gift costs four. As well, Gifts sometimes require teachers, whether they be other Garou or spirits. Garou may develop their Affinity Gifts without a teacher. Also, any Garou may learn the Pulse of the Pack, Savagery, Shapeshift, Spirit Nature, Umbra, and Wilderness independently. When learned non-affinity, the rest of the Gifts require teachers, as they are tied deeply to the spiritual nature of the associated auspices and tribes. Not only do they require teachers, but they require a spirit to vouch for the werewolf for the Gift in question. It doesn’t have to be a spirit associated with a tribe with an affinity for that Discipline; any spirit of sufficient Rank will do. Spirits may require an exceptional boon or quest to prove their worth.

Rites require teachers, though they do not require the student to have a spirit that vouches for them. Garou may not learn the signature Gifts of Camps without being a member of the Camp itself.


After about 10 years, a werewolf’s Rage increases on its own, given the time the werewolf’s feral nature has to mature and grow stronger. Some werewolves’ anger fosters faster, however, so you can increase your character’s Rage before then with Experiences. Five Experiences purchase a single dot of Rage. You can read more on Rage on p. XX. This includes how Garou might increase their Rage dots.


Deals each have an associated Experiences cost. A new Deal usually costs one Experience per dot in the Deal, halved and rounded down. For example, Chaos Mechanics, which requires Shapeshift ••••• and Spark of the City •••••, costs five Experiences. All Deals cost at least one Experience. Particularly specialized Deals may cost a point less, while wildly versatile Deals cost an extra Experience.

Legend Beats

Like normal Beats, Legend Beats build up to Legend Experiences. Through the use of Legend Experiences, a Garou can raise in Renown, allowing him to therefore rise in Rank. It is only through Legend Experiences that Renown can grow, as the character’s Rank and Renown are based solely on her own actions, and as the stories of her exploits flow through the Nation and reach more and more ears.

Each new dot of Renown requires 2 Legend Experiences to purchase.