Celestial Anathema

Many Garou carry a number of Gifts and abilities, but their Mythic lives are far from blessed. Vampires suffer a number of afflictions and inherent weaknesses. Collectively, Garou all suffer from the “celestial curses,” inflicted on them either from the sheer insanity of one of the Celestines, or imparted on them due to actions in the Garou’s history. In due time after the First Change, werewolves also suffer tribal drawbacks, and all Garou are powered by the Rage inside, a feral beast intent to let loose on any around them. Harano pulls at them as the forces of their enemies make actions seem futile, and as the years pass, they fall away from their Purity, struggling to keep pure and the touch of the Wyrm from corrupting their body as they strive to fight against the depravity in the world. The Wyrm, however, still has it’s ways of inflicting Taints on Gaia’s warriors.