About Gnosis

Just as werewolves are possessed of potent fury, they have a reservoir of energy that connects them to the spiritual rather than the physical. Gnosis is a trait that measures how a werewolf draws upon the spirit world to perform miraculous Gifts and Rites and to blend spirit stuff with his body to become the ultimate in Garou existence.

Gnosis is measured strictly in points and is spent to perform feats, primarily to activate Gifts. Gnosis and Willpower can be spent in the same turn. As always, no more than one Willpower can be spent per turn, while a number of Gnosis can be spent per turn based on a character’s Rage. A werewolf can spend a point of Gnosis to:

  • Activate a Gift. The various Gifts available to the Garou are described starting on p. XX.
  • Activate a fetish automatically as if the required Rage roll was a success. (See “Fetishes,” p. XX.)
  • Enter the spirit world without the need for a roll while in the presence of a caern stone.
  • Change form automatically as a reflexive action, forgoing the normal Stamina + Survival + Rage roll. See the rules for changing forms on p. XX.
  • Regenerate a lethal wound. Doing so is reflexive, replacing the automatic regeneration of a bashing wound that a werewolf would normally do in a turn. (Your character can’t automatically regenerate a bashing wound for free and a lethal wound with an Gnosis expenditure in the same turn. The latter takes precedence.) See p. XX for the full rules on regenerating.
  • Carrying Silver reduces the effective Gnosis Pool of a Garou by two for each item; more potent object will cause the character to lose more. Luckily, this effect is only temporary, and it lasts only a day after the silver is discarded. More information on the effects of silver is on p. XX.
  • A player can spend Gnosis to give her character extra actions in a single turn. This comes with limitations, however; a player cannot spend more Gnosis for actions in a turn than half of her permanent Rage (round down, minimum of 0), and doing so channels the beast inside into focusing on nothing but ending a threat, cutting her Defense in the turn in half (round down).
  • In an act called termed by some young Garou as “Rage Healing,” if a character’s Health boxes are filled with Lethal, the player can spend a Gnosis to keep her character going. Spending the Gnosis prompts for a roll as if to resist degradation, using the same dice pool she normally would for that. If a success is achieved on that roll, half of the damage, rounded up, currently in the werewolf’s Health boxes are automatically healed. This is, however, a last-ditch survival effort, and it has it’s price. If the roll fails, she immediately enters Frenzy, and suffers a penalty equal to her Rage on the Wyrm Thrall roll accompanying it. If successful, she does not enter Frenzy, but the wounds that are healed remain on the Garou’s body as an appropriate Battle Scar.

Gnostic Regeneration

Spent Gnosis points can be recovered by a variety of means. Rage determines the maximum number of points a character can have. (See the Rage Chart)

  • Meditation is the primary way a character centers himself to reconnect with the Sacred Mother on a personal level. The character must spend at least an hour in one place, focusing on his deeply spiritual side. The player rolls Wits + Occult, and for each success, the character regains three Gnosis points. A Garou can only meditate to regain Gnosis once per day. The number of Gnosis decreases by one for each extra day a character attempts it in the same week, to a minimum of one Gnosis. The spirits are gracious, but not always generous.
  • The Sacred Hunt is one of the most frequently performed activities at Garou moots. The chosen prey - an Engling - is summoned and then hunted down. This activity can be done in either the Umbra or Tellurian. After the prey has been caught and “killed,” werewolves who have taken part in the hunt give thanks to the spirit for the gift of it’s life. all who participate in the hunt replenish their Gnosis pools completely. See p. XX for more information on Englings.
  • When a werewolf sees her auspice moon for the first time in a night, she regains half her Gnosis, rounded down. If the moon is not of her auspice, the Garou gains a number of Gnosis associated with that phase of the moon; New Moon grants one Gnosis, Crescent Moon grants two Gnosis, Half Moon grants three Gnosis, Gibbous Moon grants four Gnosis, and Full Moon grants five Gnosis.
  • Bargaining with Spirits is another way to gather Gnosis from a spirit without undergoing a ritual hunt; the soft sell works just as well. A werewolf can simply ask a spirit to share some of its Gnosis. The character must be able to speak in the spirit lange through the use of a Gift or similar. The spirit may ask the character to perform some task before it shares its life force with the Garou. Once the bargain is completed, the spirit spend san amount of Essence, and the werewolf gains that many points of Gnosis.
  • Certain rites performed by a solitary werewolf or members of a pack can restore exhausted Essence points. Among them is a ritual hunt made meaningful by a rite that venerates Luna, Father Wolf, spirits or existence as Uratha itself, and rejuvenates participants’ bond to the spirit world.
  • In the downtime between new tales, the players can make a Presence + Occult roll to regain some Gnosis. Each success on this roll refreshes two points of Gnosis.