A World of Darkness

The world is dark, despite the flickering lights from the cities spreading their luminescence to the masses. Humans may be ignorant to those things that bump in the night, but they are also ignorant of the wolves, sometimes masked as a co-worker, friend or even that homeless person begging for change on the street corner, that look out for and protect them.

Skulking in the night are other threats however, threats to the mortals and supernaturals alike. From deep in the spiritual realms lurks the Wyrm, described by some as a mythic serpent and by others a dragon with glowing red eyes and venomous poison dripping from it’s fangs. Even from it’s secluded realm, a Penumbral realm called Malfeas, it controls and maneuvers in seemingly incomprehensible schemes through it’s minions, the Black Spiral Dancers, and it’s spiritual slaves, Banes.

It is a dangerous life, all over the globe, with the mortals living from paycheck to paycheck while the fate of the worlds hangs in the balance, oblivious to all threats but the most overt.