The Changing Breeds

Long ago, many shapeshifters roamed the land. According to Garou history, each had a job to fulfill. Just as the Garou were the Fangs of Gaia - the warriors who defend their Mother - the others took on different roles: the Eyes of Gaia, the Messengers of Gaia, the Memory of Gaia, and so on. Before the War of Rage, these other Changing Breeds, also known as the Fera, were allies in a truer sense.

Sadly, that is no longer the case. Few of the Fera consider the Garou allies. Their memories of the War of Rage are long in a way that only a shapeshifter’s memories can be, aided by the accounts of ancient ancestor-spirits. Only a few are willing to reveal their presence to the Garou, much less work openly with them. But for all that, the Fera largely still work for the betterment, defense, and healing of Gaia. Even if they are not open allies, they are still on the same side.

There are exceptions to this statement, however. The threat posed by the Weaver’s rise in power forced the Wyrm’s minions, the Black Spiral Dancers, to forge pacts with vampiric sorcerers to raise some of the extinct Fera from the dead, subservient to the Black Spiral Dancers, though many of them resent this fact. Some serve willingly, with the memories of the War of Rage fresh in their minds, given those memories were the last ones they remember of the Garou’s atrocities during this time.

TODO: Flush out each Changing Breed, including the alliances and viewpoints of those forced into serving the Wyrm (Camazotz, Apis and Grondr).


The werehyenas fancy themselves as the “Garou” of Africa, taking up the role of policing the humans and making sure they don’t grow too numerous. Currently, however, they have fallen to bickering and in a prolonged war with the Simba, nearly annihilating their species. Their numbers still grow, however, and their matriarchal society has been reestablished. The war may be over between the Simba, but they still bear a grudge with them, while coexisting more or less peacefully with the other Fera of Africa.

Ajaba very rarely have interactions with the Garou, other than the Kucha Ekundu, the Red Talons of the Serengeti, and rarely the Silent Striders brave enough to venture into the continent containing their cursed homelands. Because of this, reactions between the hyenas and wolves is unpredictable at best, and not many Garou know much about the Ajaba beyond the rumors of their matriarchy.