Varg "Breaker of Serpents"
Fostern Lupis Get of Fenris Ahroun, Beta and Warder of the Sept of Solid Rock
Player: Corey

Varg is the Warder of the Sept of Solid Rock, Alpha of the Warder Pack, and is legendary for his skills in Get aerial ballet. After defeating the Metis Child of Gaia Ahroun James Steiner Varg became Sept Beta.

He is considered a Spanner and has a fetish that retains his connection to Hyena.



Honor Glory Wisdom
Commendable (Caern Rebuilding) Brash (beginning)
Fair (Solid Rock Rebuilding deux) Daring (beginning)
Honorable (Solid Rock Rescue) Daring (Peterbilt Battle)
Proud (beginning) Feared (Solid Rock Rescue deux)
Fearless (The Gulch Sniper)
Fearless (Caern Rebuilding)

Quotes by Others

  • "Varg is what happens when a fortress grows legs and decides to destroy you and everything you ever stood for." - Tom Leary