Tom Leary
Kinfolk Fianna, Wyrmfoe of the Sept of Solid Rock
Player: Brandon

"I'm just another poor black-irish bastard, aye."
Unassuming from a distance, Tom is a strikingly attractive Irish man with short, dark hair, sharp features, and always some amount of charming stubble. In another life he could have been an actor or model, but the lines forming around his eyes and brow speak of a painful past. He radiates purity of breed, his Fianna heritage hinting lineage from some great hero.

He usually dresses casually, favoring jeans and earth-tones; however, if he wears black it means that someone has recently, or is about to die. Under that the man looks like he's carved out of solid hardwood, with scars peeking out of his collar hinting at a litany of damage to the south.

"Darkness is a harsh term, don't you think?"
Tom is an affable sort, his easygoing brogue makes him hard not to like. He seems to rarely take anything seriously, even in the middle of combat. He's cocky to a fault, seemingly fearless, and refuses to be cowed even by entities vastly superior to him. Much like his totem, Hyena, he enjoys mocking his foes, giving them pet-names like "Sweet-Tits" or "Sugar-cunt."

"For once in this life, I'd better do something right."
Tom shares very little of his past, save that he grew up in a catholic orphanage in Belfast during the Troubles, spent some time in Los Angeles, served in the Marine Corps in Iraq as a sniper, and is currently a decorated homicide detective for Nashville Metro.

"I'm like fuckin' Batman, except I kill people. Frequently."
Tom has no supernatural abilities whatsoever other than a natural resistance to Delirium. This doesn't seem to bother him one bit- he's a master marksman and an accomplished martial artist. As you would expect from a human wading into battle with inhuman killing machines, he applies a vicious cunning to all of his fights. He leaves traps, he applies military tactics, he cripples his enemies, and he fights fuckin' dirty. He is a staunch believer in victory through the surgical application of overwhelming force.

Outside of combat he is constantly investigating his next enemy, arming himself with as much knowledge as he can in order to find and destroy the next threat. He applies most of his considerable personal wealth towards this goal.


  • Accepted by the spirit Hyena as a full member of the pack Spanners, although he later left to form the Wyrmfoe pack.
  • Has killed several vampires, four Black Spiral Dancers, a fomori abomination, and nine fallen Kinfolk.
  • Dealt the killing blow to Christa Carpathian, Adren Garou and traitor to the Sept of Solid Rock.
  • Named Wyrmfoe of the Sept of Solid Rock
  • Commander of Shillelagh Consulting
  • Defeated Neil "Axe Handle of Justice" Adren Get of Fenris Homid Philodox in a duel challenge for the position of Wyrmfoe. Tom won in 15 seconds.

Quotes by Others

  • "I would highly recommend you consider that he holds the position of Wyrmfoe by virtue of his actions." - Jonathan Waybright, Sept Alpha, in a subtle warning to a Fenrir challenger
  • "He'll fight well" - Jonathan Waybright, to pack totem Hyena right after Tom left the Spanners.



Honor Glory Wisdom
Exalted (Coordinating Garou in Attack) Profound (Wyrmfoe)
Fearless (Defending Position against Adren Fenrir