The Wyld

At once the most simply motivated and the least understood of the Triat, the Wyld is an unpredictable force that has little interest in hierarchies, fixed domains, or even names (naming is a creation of the Weaver). The gentle breath and raw ferocity of the Wyld run rampant through the empty spaces where there is nothing to contain or channel them. Wyld is unshaped possibility, the energy of creation itself.

At its most extreme, it represents creative chaos, unbridled by rules. At more subdued levels, however, it is associated with untamed nature. As such, it does not so much create realms for itself as it brushes past places, objects, and beings, leaving its mark on them.

In the Deep Umbra, the Wyld is potentially the most powerful member of the Triat. In the physical Realm, however, the Wyld is the least powerful of the Triat. Its very essence of limitless possibility is constantly forced from the physical world by the Weaver and humanity's focus upon "logic" and "reason." As logic is forced upon an illogical world, there is less and less room for the magic of uncaused change.