Tribal Totem: Chimera

Until recently, the Stargazers belonged to the 13 tribes of the Garou Nation. Even at the best of times, however, they always stood out from their Garou cousins. Primarily, though not exclusively, of Asian descent, the Stargazers held to a more peaceful, philosophical mindset not unlike the beliefs of Zen Buddhism. Placing little attachment on worldly connections, the Stargazers have focused primarily on their jobs as caretakers of Gaia and seekers of Her truths. This otherworldliness, while admirable, left the Stargazers vulnerable to attacks from their enemies.

Such an attack came about in the last years of the 20th century, when the forces of the Wyrm attacked and destroyed the tribe's ancestral caerns in the Himalayas, utterly devastating the prestigious Shigalu Monastery. Distraught, the Stargazers petitioned the other Garou tribes in the Western Concordiat for assistance in retaking their protectorates. The Garou however, knew that they could not afford to send warriors into the lands of the Middle Kingdom, where they were not welcome by the resident shapechangers. With reluctance, the Garou Nation refused to help the Stargazers.

In the spring of 2001, the Stargazers received an emissary from the Emerald Courts, offering them assistance in retaking their lands provided they ally themselves with the hengeyokai and the Beast Courts of the East. The Stargazers thought long and hard about the offer from the shapechangers of the Middle Kingdom and came to the conclusion that they should answer the call of opportunity and trust their fate to the winds of change. They accepted the offer of the Emerald Courts and tendered their resignation from the Garou Nation at a Concolation in early fall of 2001. Rather than force a civil war that would cost more than it was worth, the Garau Nation allowed the Stargazers to leave without (much) recrimination.

Spring of 2006 found the Stargazers asking to return to the Western Concordiat. The Eastern Garou were not as accepting of the tribe as they had hoped, and even with the Beast Courts’ help, the tribal protectorates were mostly lost. The Stargazer tribe has been allowed to return to the Garou Nation, having sworn fealty to the SilverFangs King of the Nation Jonas Albrecht, but must first individually prove their worth to alphas of the territories they reside in. Now, the Stargazers face their toughest battle, truly welcomed and at home in neither the East, nor the West.