Soul's Forge

Totem: Brigid

Mission: The Pack's purpose is to provide inspiration to others on the Sept, telling vibrant stories of valor and providing talens and fetishes for the use and protection of Gaia's warriors.


Alpha: Lorena "Fights the Tides," Elder, Galliard, Fianna, Lupus
Beta: Hallary "Summons in Darkness," Adren, Theurge, Shadow Lord, Metis
Omega: Ria "Runz wit Scizzorz," Adren, Ahroun, Bone Gnawer, Homid


Hallary "Summons in Darkness"
Lorena "Fights the Tides"
Jaime "Sight of Artemis"
Ria "Runz wit Scizzorz"


Lorena has 5 pups that are being raised by both Lorena and Jaime.