Sept Members

The Sept of Solid Rock lost many members in the Battles of Cleansing that took back the Caern and the removed Wyrm corrupted leadership in the fall of 2011.


Sept Alpha: Jonathan Waybright "Whispers with Spiders," Fostern Homid Glass Walker Ragabash
Den Parent: Brina McMichaels, Cliath Lupus Fianna Philodox
Master of the Forge: <empty>
      Beta: <empty>
Master of the Rite: Hallary "Summons in Darkness," Adren Metis Shadow Lord Theurge (NPC)
      Beta: <under challenge>
Master of Challenges: <empty>
Wyrmfoe: Tom Leary "Little Prick," Homid Fianna Kinfolk
Keeper of the Land: Hypatia "Wyrm-Scarred" "Takes-Their-Eyes," Cliath Lupus Black Fury Theurge
      Beta: John Malatesto, Uktena Homid Kinfolk
Warder: Varg "Breaker of Serpents," Cliath Lupus Get of Fenris Ahroun

Sept Members

Soul's Forge

Soul's Forge is comprised of older Garou who led the Sept after they lost their Caern.



The Spanners joined after the battles of Fall 2011.

Blade of Brigid (Warder Pack)

Vagabonds (NPC Pack)



Note that the current Sept treats kinfolk who enter battle and earn renown in the war against the Wyrm as fellow warriors of Gaia, and accord them due respect.

Shillelagh Consulting

Shillelagh Consulting is a PMC that rose from the ashes of Carpathian Consulting. Now led by Tom Leary, they are freshly incorporated and ready to take the fight to the Wyrm.


Graves of Hallowed Heroes

Those Who Have Been Lost

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