The Sept of Solid Rock was formed in 1996, based inside Opryland. At the time, "Threads of the Wyld," led the Sept, dedicated to Brigid, and protected the Music City with discipline and passion. The Wyrm, a powerful force as ever, commanded a presence along the Cumberland River in the form of Black Spiral Dancers, waging war against Gaia's forces for years and years. Even when the Wyrm took control of downtown Nashville, Gaia's Warriors stood vigilant, a courageous face in the fight against all forces of the Wyrm. By the year 2001, the Sept had grown to nearly 40 members of all tribes, breeds, and auspices. "Threads of the Wyld" still led the Sept until 2006, when the then Athro "Converses Through the Veil" challenged the aging "Threads of the Wyld" and won Alphaship of the Sept.


Appointing "Threads of the Wyld" his Beta, "Converses Through the Veil" led the Sept prosperously, at least to the untrained eye. The Sept then swelled to 50 members until, in January 2010, "Converses Through the Veil" led half of the Sept surreptitiously down the path to the Wyrm. Discovering this, his "Threads of the Wyld" led a covert strike force to end "Converses Through the Veil's" life, to redeem those that had been led down the path of corruption. The strike force had to end the lives of many of those now -ikthia, but "Converses Through the Veil" had the last laugh, killing "Threads of the Wyld" and one other, "Nips at the Heels of the Wyrm," before escaping.

Threads' sister, then "Follows the Edicts of Instinct," took over as Alpha of the Sept, trying pick up the pieces left in the wake of Converses' fall. In a couple short months, the Sept was seemingly restored to it's former glory, but that's when the flood came. It was no ordinary flood, as the tides were corrupted, even more so, with the taint of the Wyrm, and leading it's wake, a strike force of Black Spirals led by none other than Converses Through the Veil, now fully indoctrinated into service of the Wyrm.


"Converses Through the Veil" took many more lives that day, with the assistance of the Spirals at his command and the Wyrm-tainted river tides that consumed the caern heart, destroying it. "Follows the Edicts of Instinct" struggled to save as many as she could, but as more and more fell, especially after the caern had been irreparably destroyed, she began to fall back, saving whomever she could in an effort to save her crumbling Sept. In all, she was able to save 15 as she escaped, finding a safe place to hide out.

Over the next couple months, members left the now caern-less Sept of Solid Rock, either to join their brethren at the Glass Walkers Sept of Flying Skies or simply to return to their tribal homelands, but some stayed behind, bonded to camaraderie by their near death struggles with the Wyrm. "Follows the Edicts of Instinct," having been aptly renamed to "Fights the Tides," still leads the Sept as it strives to purify their once sacred ground from the taint of the Wyrm while at the same time keeping their location unknown to the Wyrm.