Silver Fangs

+++Tribal Totem: Falcon
The Silver Fangs are the traditional rulers of the Garou Nation. Their Kinfolk hail from the most highly placed noble families in Europe, northern Africa and western Asia, and their regal blood and pure breed are obvious to any Garou they encounter. At the same time, the Silver Fangs' continued breeding among the same noble families has concentrated some mental eccentricities within the tribe; in the modern days, few Silver Fangs have all of their mental faculties. Some see visions of the tribe's heroic past, others lose memories, and others have even more dangerous derangements.

Still, the tribe's noble blood, general coherence and millennia of tradition combine to allow them to easily command respect and obedience from most Garou. The Silver Fangs are wealthy in land, money and magic, and most Silver Fang kings are quick to reward loyal service. Silver Fangs rarely step into occupied septs and demand control of the caern, but they often rise to positions of power within multi-tribal septs due to their natural charisma and combat prowess.

In the modem day, fewer and fewer Garou are willing to submit to the Silver Fangs' claim of Gaia-blessed right of rulership; it seems obvious to younger werewolves that the Silver Fangs may be as much a liability to the Western Concordiat as they are born leaders. Rumors abound that the Silver Fangs themselves will fight at the head of the forces of the Wyrm, when the final drum sounds. Young Silver Fangs speak of refreshing the tribe's bloodlines, but the elders exhibit shock and horror at the very suggestion.