Shadow Lords

Tribal Totem: Grandfather Thunder

The Shadow Lords cultivate an air of menace in the same way that a Child of Gaia cultivates her herb garden. Dark, looming, brooding - such traits personify these Garou of Eastern European descent. The Shadow Lords know with precise certainty that they are more qualified to lead the Garou Nation than the SilverFangs; the Fangs' leadership consists of doddering old fools, lost in yesterday's glory, they say. They hold themselves to be the guardians of the Litany, well-versed in the "correct" interpretations of the tenets. Above all, they respect power and strength; the weak are worth only disdain or a swift death.

The Shadow Lords must watch their own flanks at all times: In addition to competing with Garou of other tribes for position and influence, a Lord dares not show weakness to another Lord lest she lose face and position within the tribe. Cubs revere their elders as dignified, cunning and proud, but often do so from fear. Elders are known for arrogance as much as ability. Add this to a steaming cauldron of political intrigues, tribal solidarity, conspiracies and spies, and the tribe is more likely to suffer from internal conflicts than outside interests.

The Shadow Lords are adept at manipulating others to do their bidding; Some darkly joke that they learned that skill from the vampires that stalk the night in the tribe's ancient homeland, the Carpathian and Balkan mountain ranges. It is certainly the case that the Shadow Lords are more willing to enter into dealings with such dark creatures than other tribes are. Some Lords end up on the wrong sides of such bargains - apparently some Leeches have a fondness for werewolf blood - but others can and do play games with the undead.

The Shadow Lords revere Grandfather Thunder as a spirit only slightly beneath Gaia in importance - most Garou believe that the Shadow Lords feel that Grandfather Thunder is Gaia's equal, a sky god to the earth goddess. If the Shadow Lords really do consider the two to be equal, they keep that fact to themselves. By all indications, Mother Gaia is foremost in their hearts, but Grandfather Thunder is a capricious patron. He does not tolerate weakness, but sends his Stormcrows ahead to warn favored Shadow Lords of coming danger.