Nicholaus Kendricks "Bad-with-Introductions"
Cliath Homid Fianna Ahroun, Member of the Sept of Solid Rock
Player: James Chatham

"I'm sorry, I'm bad with introductions"


Nicholaus appears as a teacher that is trying to keep up appearances. He rarely if ever goes out without a clean shave and looking recently cleaned, though by the end of the day he rarely expects to stay that way. In his early 30's he still has the vigor of a young man in his prime. On his teaching days he wears a blazer on top of more casual clothing but otherwise his clothing remains solid colored and neat. Brown hair that is kept short and professional and green eyes.


Nic is very timid in a crowd and usually prefers to remain quiet and reserved though if pressed will attempt to speak up, but he does not hold up well under pressure. In combat that facade gets put aside and he gains a severe amount of determination and drive. Though Ahroun he does not seem to fully embody the constantly aggressive appearance of most of his auspice, preferring instead an almost inquisitive and curious approach to the world around him.


Nic "Bad-with-introductions" Kendricks hails from Avalon, Georgia. Recently moved to Nashville in April of 2012 and became a member of the Sept of Solid Rock in May of the same year.


Nicholaus teaches Nutrition and Body Health at Vanderbilt university and knows plenty of human physiology and is more familiar than most with Garou Anatomy. He also is a decently accomplished chef and bar tends at the New Moon Brewery. He teaches private guitar and flute lessons as well as occasionally playing for the Sept and composing pieces for the moot. In combat he is most noted for wielding a crinos-sized warbow with "Hawkeye" accuracy.



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