Metis Deformities


You have no melanin in your body, in any form. Your skin is faintly pink, and it burns easily. Your hair is stark white (not silver) and your eyes are pinkish to blood red. All Wits + Composure perception rolls are made with a -2 penalty if you’re trying to operate in bright light without your protective clothing or sunglasses.


Whether you have two eyes in the right place that don’t work, or no eyes at all, you are totally blind. You fail any rolls involving vision automatically. At the Storyteller’s discretion, though, you may take occasional bonuses with other sense groups.

Fits of Madness

Mental illness plagues you on a periodic basis. Whatever your malaise, you tend to fall to pieces when you get stressed. The Storyteller may call on you to make a Resolve + Composure roll whenever situations get tough. Scoring fewer than three successes means that you become non-functional for a period of time, losing your lucidity.


You have no hair or fur in any of your forms. Take a -2 penalty to all Social rolls. You might be able to avoid this penalty among humans when you’re in Homid form, although some people may be put off by your complete lack of hair even then - you don’t have body hair where it’d be expected, not even eyebrows.


You have a pair of horns in every form. They may be like those of a ram or goat, or like a small pair of antelope-like antlers. You might even have a single short horn like a unicorn’s. Whatever the form, you suffer a -2 penalty to all Social rolls, and you are likely to be even more heavily scorned by your fellow Garou. (Horns are a mark of prey, not of a predator, after all.) If you actually try to attack with your horns (which has a Damage Rating of 0 and may only do 2 levels of Bashing damage at best), you will likely lose some amount of Glory Renown for fighting like a prey animal instead of a Garou. Passing as a human is particularly difficult for you.


You were born with a front-to-back or side-to-side curve of your spine that’s worsened as you’ve aged. It gives you a negative social stigma (-1 penalty to Social rolls), and it also impedes your movement, adding a -1 penalty to all Dexterity-based rolls.

No Sense of Smell

Your sense of smell is nonexistent, even in Lupus form. You fail all Wits + Composure rolls involving smell automatically, and you suffer a -2 penalty to track prey using Survival.

No Tail

Not having a tail creates serious communication problems with others of your kind. You take a -1 penalty in all social situations while in Lupus, Hispo or Crinos forms. In addition, your sense of balance suffers. You take a -1 penalty to Dexterity rolls as well while wearing those forms.


When you’re under the gun, you lose control of your body. When you suffer a Dramatic Failure on an important roll, make a Resolve + Composure roll. Scoring less than three successes makes you writhe uncontrollably until the Storyteller tells you to make another roll. You can take no actions while experiencing a seizure.

Tough Hide

Your skin is tough as old leather, and considerably less attractive. You have no coat to speak of, merely a few patches of fur here and there across your wrinkled, dry hide. You suffer from unbearable itching and hot spots are constant aggravations (which, at Storyteller discretion, may require a Resolve + Composure roll to allow you to keep your attention on certain tasks), and your Presence can never be higher than 1. On the positive side, you get a natural Armor Rating of 1/0 that may stack with other armor, but it’s only a small advantage to weigh against your smelly, scratchy hide.

Wasting Disease

Your constitution is notably weak. You cough and wheeze, and have extreme difficulty with the long-term hunts and endurance runs where humans, wolves, and Garou normally excel. Take a -2 penalty on all Stamina rolls, as well as to other rolls involving physical endurance.

Weak Immune System

Werewolves are normally very resistant, even immune, to ordinary disease. You lack that level of supernatural constitution, and in fact are more vulnerable to ailments than most humans are. Because of your condition, you begin every night with 2 levels of Bashing damage filled in. This damage may be healed, but you are always noticeably weak, suffering a -2 penalty to all Strength rolls, even if the Bashing damage is healed.

Withered Limb

You have four limbs, but the muscles of one are atrophied, leaving it withered or paralyzed. Depending on your form, you can’t walk well, and you run more slowly than other werewolves. You incur a -2 penalty on all Dexterity rolls when trying to use this limb, and your Speed trait is determine by straight Strength + Dexterity (instead of Strength + Dexterity + 5).

Creating Deformities

Based on the toolkit nature of this system, you can create any other deformity you see fitting your metis character. Metis deformities are all physical in nature, as it is a direct curse on their existence based on the sin of their conception and birth.

When creating a deformity, there are two necessary parts. The description of what the deformity is, whether it be a vestigial limb or a skin issue that makes you appear necrotic, as well as the mechanics that the deformity imposes. The Storyteller has final approval over what the mechanics are, or whether the description of the deformity is sufficient for one that would plague a Garou.