The Litany of the Garou Nation

1. Garou Shall Not Mate With Garou

Garou should mate only with humans or wolves. The offspring of two Garou, Metis, are born sterile and defective, physically deformed or insane. In many instances, the mother dies giving birth to a Metis, often because the monster has clawed his own way from her belly. Because of the deformities and psychoses displayed by Metis werewolves (and the age-old prejudice correspondingly levied against Metis), Garou are forbidden to mate with their own kind. Werewolves must instead seek mates amound either human or wolf society. This tenet embodies one of the great Garou tragedies; MoonDancers often move audiences to tears with ballads of Garou who fell in love and could not express their passion - or who did and were torn to pieces by their outraged tribe.

2. Combat the Wyrm Wherever It Dwells and Whenever It Breeds

The Wyrm and its minioins are an obvious threat to humanity and to Gaia. Destroying that threat is the Garou's very reason for existence. The quickest route to power and respect amongst werewolves, and the surest way to stall the coming Apocalypse, is to battle against the Wyrm.

3. Respect the Territory of Another

The traditional Howl of Introduction is required whenever a werewolf approaches another's territory, unless encroaching enemies or nearby humans dictate other, more secure ways of announcement. The holder of the territory may even require additional information before granting acceptance. To properly warn potential interlopers, Garou mark their territory with scent and scratched sigils. This is often used to protect personal property and kinfolk, as well.

4. Accept an Honorable Surrender

Matters of leadership and honor are often settled by single combat. While this is a proper way to solve such problems, it is important that the combatants not die needless deaths. The loser of a duel loses no Renown for showing his throat in surrender to end a fight, and the winner is respected for his restraint.

5. Submission to Those of Higher Station

Every leader must have followers. Rank and Renown ease relations within Garou society by outlining everyone's place, with minimal fighting involved. Reasonable requests from higher-ranking Garou are expected to be obeyed.

6. The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest of Station

The alpha feeds first from the kill. In Garou society, this law of the wild has expanded to include trophies taken from fallen enemies. Garou of greater Renown are entitled to demand a greater share of the spoils.

7. Ye Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Humans

During the years of the Impergium, this practice was not unusual. Since the agreement of the Concord, the eating of human flesh has been banned as a violation of the oath to protect humanity. The Stargazers are believed to be responsible for its insertion. They noticed that Garou who routinely consumed human flesh often grew Wyrm-tainted; furthermore, cannibals had a hard time stalking and killing more challenging prey, such as woolly rhinos or Banes.

8. Respect for Those beneath Ye: All Are of Gaia

Out of respect for Gaia, who created the Garou to protect and, in essence, serve Her creation, werewolves are expected to treat every creature with the respect due its place in the natural order. Chivalry is a lofty ideal, and approprate behavior worthy of Renown.

9. The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted

Garou may not reveal, through ignorance, accident or purpose, their existance to the world outside. The Garou take this tenet of the Litany quite seriously. Much more is at stake than respect for the Concord. In a world full of corrupt corporations, religious zealots, vampires and other threats, the Garou must walk carefully or bring down the wrath of countless enemies.

10. Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness

A dignified death is a private death. This is the way of wild creatures who are mortally injured or simply too old. It preserves the resources of the group for those who can best benefit from them, rather than wasting them to extend a lost life.

11. The Leader May Be Challenged at Any Time During Peace

For the good of the pack, a weak alpha must not be allowed to remain in control. If no danger immediately threatens, any Garou of sufficient rank may challenge the leader for her position. A staredown, duel or gamecraft challenge results, and the alpha must cede her authority if she loses. Inappropriate or frivolous challenges may be rebuffed with no loss of Renown.

12. The Leader May Not Be Challenged During Wartime

The strength of the Garou is the pack. Pack tactics are necessary to bring down the great monsters or hordes of smaller spawns that the werewolves may encounter; Even one pack member's lapse in judgement may have dire consequences for the rest of his pack.

13. Ye Shall Take No Action That Causes a Caern to Be Violated

This tenet is the single most strictly enforced of them all. Caerns are sacred sites, and to cause the desecration of such a holy place with or without intent to harm is a crime worthy of the most severe punishment.