Garou Lexicon

Basic OOC definitions and terms that are common in the world of Garou.


Auspice is determined by the phase of the moon at the time of a Garou's birth and helps to determine their role, responsibility and place in Garou society.

  • Ragabash - The Trickster, born under New Moon
  • Theurge - The Seer, born under Crescent Moon
  • Philodox - The Judge, born under Half Moon
  • Galliard - The Moon Dancer, born under Gibbous Moon
  • Ahroun - The Warrior, born under Full Moon


Breed is the term used to describe in what form a Garou was born in, and is determined by the Garou's parents.

  • Homid - The most common of Breeds
  • Metis - Born of a Litany violation, the lowest of Breeds
  • Lupus - The most treasured of Breeds

Kinfolk are the extended, non-shapechanging family of the Garou. They can be either wolf-born or human-born, and they are immune to the Delirium.

The Litany

The Litany is the single piece of information every Garou is expected to know, and every Cub is required to learn. It is the core body of Law that governs all things within Garou society.

The Litany of the Garou Nation


There are six basic Ranks in Garou society, the higher the rank, the more freedom, respect and authority a Garou has.


There are three primal cosmic forces that provide the framework and basis for all that is. They are a spiritual concept greater than even the Celestines, and together, these three forces suspend the universe of the physical and spiritual worlds between them like a fragile vessel of great worth on a tripod.

  • The Wyld - The first force, of life and energy.
  • The Weaver - The second force is of order and organization.
  • The Wyrm - The final force, of age and decay.


Bloodlines flow within Garou, and the Tribal lineage of a mother is passed on to her children. Each tribe shares its own totem, agendas and philosophies.