Jonathan Waybright
Fostern Homid Glass Walker Ragabash, Alpha of the Spanners and Sept of Solid Rock
Player: Evan Edwards

An old Garou past his prime, Jonathan Waybright alternates between a cheery, flirtatious manner and a cold, serious affect when the time comes to battle the Wyrm. As Alpha of the Spanners, he has found a rekindled belief that he can strike at the Wyrm, something he does with a fiercely driven nature. He is aware he has little time, and has no intent to die anywhere other than in battle. He became Alpha of the Sept of Solid Rock to keep his vow to Brigid that the Caern would be kept safe; Jonathan takes great pains to keep his promises.

He is a Homid Glass Walker who is a tenured engineering professor at Vanderbilt. His Ragabash nature shows in his penchant for practical jokes, something his pack totem, Hyena, seems to enjoy.


In line with his new moon nature, Jonathan keeps much of his past to himself. His military bearing derives from his service in Viet Nam, and he has been involved in ecological engineering efforts in Tennessee and the South, especially in recent years.

He seems to have great personal respect for Brigid, although until recently she was not a totem of his. While not formally educated in Garou knowledge of spirits and gifts after a lifetime of more physical focus, he finds himself growing more and more spiritual in nature as he approaches his final days.



Honor Glory Wisdom
Admirable (Solid Rock Rescue) Bold (beginning) Crafty (beginning)
Dutiful (beginning) Bold (beginning) Respected (beginning)
Dutiful (beginning) Daring (Solid Rock Rescue deux)
Just (Solid Rock Rescue deux)