John Malatesto
Homid Uktena Kinfolk
Player: Andy Kerperien


John is of medium height and medium build, one could almost say unremarkable and most common. His eyes speak of wisdom uncommonly found in one his age and his smile invites even the most guarded of individuals to sit and talk over a cup of tea. All of this commonness disappears when he rolls up his sleeves to reveal a myriad of occult and Garou symbolic tattoos inscribed upon his forearms.


John is very comfortable and charismatic in a crowd. Although he isn’t the strongest fighter he is never afraid to stand his ground when the need arises. Often times though John appears haggard as if he hasn’t slept in days, and other times his strong mental aptitude fails him as he is apt to forget the most mundane details. He is also always willing to lend a hand although he prefers to fight the Wyrm in his own way, which is strengthening the spirits and world around us so that it may better resist the taint of the Wyrm and fight it when it comes calling.


John’s early years were spent as a modern day second class citizen. His home sept in Alabama did not view Kinfolk as anything but breeding stock or worker bees. Imagine the werewolf version of an eternal fraternity pledge. After a ritual where Uktena showed up invited and chastised the sept’s alpha for underutilizing one of his “children”, John was forced to flee the home he had known his entire life. His travels took him across the U.S. where his Uktena blood always kept him on the lookout for odd and rare occult books, and when his collection grew to the point he was forced to house them in a storage unit, John began to ponder settling down, thus the Philosopher’s Garden was born. John came to Nashville because of the lack of rare/occult bookstores and rented an available space in Hillsboro Village, and since it’s opening, the Philosopher’s Garden has seen a steady increase in clientele . Recently the store expanded to accommodate the demand for locally grown herbs and to showcase John’s fascination with the powers the world around us possesses if utilized properly.


John is natural medium as well as a natural channel and he also has quite the way with plants, one could almost say supernatural. These factors, combined with his Uktena blood, have drawn him to seek knowledge and walk paths that many never knew existed or feared to walk if they did know.



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