James Stiener
Cliath Metis Child of Gaia Ahroun
Player: Justin


He looks like something straight out of the Stone Age, a throw back of some sort in appearance. And all of it, the broad nose, the body that is generally heavy and solid build, but on the shorter than most people. He looks as though he is a step above a typical knuckle dragger of the Stone Age.


"Don't worry, I'll survive."

He is forward, but not tactless. He looks forward to meeting challenges and dealing with them head on with sometimes thinking outside the box. He can come across as being quite independent.


Your typical resident metis at a Sept in Dallas, Texas. That moved up to Nashville for a change of scenery and people.


He has dabbled in the Occult but prefers the inside of the gym and a good scrap. He has recently got introduced with the outdoors and survival side of life.


He has a few contacts and allies from when he use to live in Dallas.