The most notable aspect of Hypatia's appearance are the livid acid-scars that mar half of her face, neck and shoulder. The skin’s glassy and furrowed, a blight on what would otherwise have been a pretty face. Her wild, wavy black hair hides a missing ear, and her clothing—which typically covers her from neck to ankle—hides still more scars.

Hardly concerned about femininity, she dresses with pragmatism in mind… when she concerns herself with clothing at all. Military surplus is her vogue, boots and canvas pants sometimes softened by the addition of a thrift-store button-up overshirt. She tends to look like she’d be right at home in a biker bar or metal club.

The fact that she’s a lupus shines through almost all of her interactions with humans and homid-born garou; she radiates a feral intensity that tends to make most normal folks uncomfortable under her stare. Graceful after the fashion of most animals, she likely wouldn't even know the meaning of 'self-conscious'.

A lupus through and through, Hypatia rubs off at first as terse, efficient and stoic. Scratching beyond this self-protective and businesslike carapace reveals a lover of intelligent conversation and an enduring optimist. Though eloquent after her own fashion and educated by a coterie of anachronistic lovers of Classical reasoning, she’s utterly ignorant of the social complexity (nevermind the technology!) that dominates much of human life. The resulting demeanor is certainly a little bizarre by normal standards.

Not much is known about her past but for general details: primarily, that she's originally from a Black Fury pack that was nearly wiped out by fomori in the Pacific Northwest. Several of her septmates know that she had a brother, and that her mother was a Red Talon convert.


Honor Glory Wisdom
Brave (beginning) Profound (beginning)
Respected (beginning)