Happy "Happy Meal"
Fostern Lupus Bone Gnawer Theurge
Player: Heather

Happy "Happy Meal," is a member of the Spanners.


As a homid, she's not ugly, but she's not very attractive. Her high cheek bones and broad nose bespeaks Hispanic heritage. She is rather pear-shaped.

Usually clean but unkempt, she commonly wears a pair of well-worn bell bottomed jeans and thrift store t shirts. Her brown hair sits atop her head, frizzed and unmanagable, in spite of her best grooming efforts.

In lupus, Happy sports a fluffy coat, deep blacks and browns up top and high scruff at the neck. Her tail flares out as the most prominent thing about her.


While she considers herself rather adroit at maneuvering the ways of humans, she often mistakes utensils' and objects' usage. This does not seem to phase her affability, nor does anything, really.

She is a follower and will actively avoid making decisions for others or herself.

Oftentimes she will carry on entire conversations with seemingly inanimate objects. Her jokes are horrible, but the objects don't seem to mind. She prefers speaking with spirits over humans or even other Garou. She despises having to talk in front of large groups, preferring to deflect attention of her flaws through antics and melodramatic oration, if pressed.

She prefers lupus over "thumbs" form.


Happy hails from the Apache National Forests of Arizona and New Mexico, where Mexican Gray Wolves have been reintroduced into the reserves. After an encounter with the spirit of Coyote she learned that she must search for a new pack, other Garou. Her travels have taken her all over America as she sought her pack, often meeting other Garou, but ultimately moving on. She's not quite sure what she's looking for, exactly.

She currently resides in Tom Leary's home.


As a Theurge, she excels in talking to spirits and enlisting their aid. She can heal and cleanse, and is currently working to become literate, under Brina's excellent tutelage, so that she may better herself with knowledge at her own pace.



Honor Glory Wisdom
Commendable (Solid Rock Rescue deux) Brave (beginning) Inspired (beginning)
Inventive (beginning)
Inventive (Brigid Assistance)