Glass Walker

The Glass Walkers are the most modern and forward-thinking of all the tribes of the Garou Nation. They alone truly embrace modern technology and turn the Weaver’s tools on the Wyrm’s minions for Gaia’s benefit. They do their best to bring their technology and resources to the other tribes so that all can benefit from the latest advances, but, as is often the case, the Red Talons get frustrated and smash new cell phones, while the Get of Fenris hurl laptop computers into nearby lakes. In the end, it seems, most of the more primitive tribes are interested in new weapons and weapon accessories, and rely on the Glass Walkers to use the other stuff on their behalf. This is a role the Glass Walkers are all too happy to take; they love toys. The epithet “Weaver-thing,” considered an insult when applied by the Red Talons, is used in loving jest by Glass Walkers (“Ooh, new Weaver-thing! Lemme see….”). Their affinity for technology is unmatched among the 12 Tribes.

The Walkers are not obsessed solely with computers and high tech; they also embrace business, politics and high finance. Only a city’s Leech population matches the Dons when it comes to having a finger in every pie. The Glass Walkers have contacts in many white-collar industries and no small number of trade unions and other blue-collar labor. Glass Walker business investments often provide the operating capital for extended Garou operations, and a few warlike septs now find themselves in debt to the Glass Walkers for previous raids. Most Walkers wouldn’t call a debt like this in, but it is good to know the marker is there when you need a favor.

The Glass Walkers do fight the Wyrm. They just take the fight to the boardroom and the Internet. Their finest warriors stalk those who exploit urbanization, and they reclaim urban areas to create patches of green in the cities. One of the tribe’s greatest assets is the “monkeywrenchers,” saboteurs of various talents who turn their efforts on corrupt companies, especially Pentex and its subsidiaries. When they’re not duking it out with public corruption, the Glass Walkers are dealing with the city’s vampire population; such close quarters ensures the ancient enemies encounter each other, and the Glass Walkers know as many dirty tricks as the Leeches to get things done.

Tribal Totem: Cockroach

Glass Walkers have always been well-connected within human society. They begin play with a free Influence Trait, and may buy more at a cost of one for one (not to exceed the cap).

The Glass Walkers are so tied to the Weaver and her works that they cannot regain Gnosis in the deep wilderness. They can only do so in cities (and, generally, suburbs). They can regain Gnosis at caerns anywhere, however, even hundreds of miles from civilization.

The Glass Walkers lack ties to their ancient past: They cannot choose the Ancestors, Pure Breed or Mentor Backgrounds.

Beginning Tribal Gifts:
Control Simple Machine, Diagnostics, Trick Shot

Wolf Form:
Having degenerated from ancient lupine majesty, the Glass Walkers are smaller and weaker than most other Garou when in wolf form. Their fur is often mottled, as befits their mixed heritage. Many Glass Walkers shave or dye their Crinos-form fur in accordance with similar modifications they make to themselves in homid form.

At the local level, city elders known as Lords or Dons rule the Walkers. These elders have wide-ranging influence throughout the city, rivaled only by local Leeches. As is the case with many tribes, the Glass Walkers lack a large-scale organization, but as the world becomes more interconnected through an electronic web, Dons are better able to cooperate with one another and make certain that a werewolf cannot escape punishment simply by fleeing to a remote city.

As might be expected from their name, the Glass Walkers prefer to live in the wealthiest parts of cities across the world. The centers of power - political, financial or electronic - are their stomping grounds. They prefer to stay close to their human contacts, from board rooms to underworld society or ritzy clubs to seedy street life. Their Kinfolk are equally widespread, mostly connected through electronic means (cell phone, e-mail, pager).