Gift List: Umbra

Much of the time the Garou spends communicating with the spirits is done in the Penumbra, where the spirits live and work. Because the Penumbra is a mystic, spiritual layer directly imposed over the mortal realm, the connection between the two needs to be harnessed, and Garou have learned ways of tapping into the Umbra itself, allowing them to shield themselves with Luna’s light, but can also block other beings normally able to “slip sideways” from being able to move to the Umbra.

The following Gifts are available to the Theurge Auspice and Stargazer tribe.

Umbral Tether (•)

The Umbra is a shifting world where logic doesn’t always apply and losing one’s way is easy. Some Garou ensure they can always find their way back to the point where they entered the Umbra with this Gift, which creates a silvery “umbilical cord” connecting the Garou to the point where they last crossed the Gauntlet. Only the werewolf who creates the tether can see it.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: No roll is needed to create the thread. However, after each full day the character spends in the Umbra, a point of Gnosis must be spent to maintain the cord; otherwise, it slowly corrodes from the point of entry and toward the Garou.
Action: N/A

Luna's Armor (••)

The Garou invokes the moon’s sacred power, her body briefly wreathed in a shimmer of moonlight that grants her Luna’s protection.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival + Honor
Each success grants the Garou a supernatural Armor rating of 1/1, which does apply against silver as well as other forms of damage. The benefit lasts for one scene.
Action: Instant

Pulse of the Invisible (•••)

Spirits fill the world, and none know this fact better than the Garou. This Gift grants constant awareness of the spirit world. Even in the physical world, the Garou can interact with spirits in the Penumbra at will. While most spirit activity isn’t worth watching, the Garou will be automatically aware of any dramatic changes or upheavals nearby.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: As long as the werewolf’s Purity exceeds the local Gauntlet, he can see into the Umbra automatically. Otherwise, the play must roll Purity to look through the Gauntlet, achieving a number of successes equal to the difference between the Garou’s Purity and the local Gauntlet rating. Such awareness lasts for the rest of the scene or until the character enters an area with a stronger Gauntlet.
Action: Reflexive

Blurring the Mirror (••••)

This Gift allows the Garou to cloud the minds of other beings, making it impossible for them to find the Umbra or step sideways into it. Once used as a form of punishment for arrogant pups, this Gift is more often deployed as a weapon against Black Spiral Dancers in the fight against the Wyrm’s minions.

Cost: 1 Gnosis per target
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary. The Gauntlet increases by five for the desired targets for the rest of the scene. While normally used against other Garou, this Gift is effective against any being capable of entering the Umbra sideways, including other Fera and some mages.
Action: Instant

Reach the Umbra (•••••)

The Garou may step in and out of the Umbra at will, without need of a reflective surface or even any effort at all.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary; once learned, the abilities of this Gift are permanent.
The Garou may step sideways instantly, at any time, with no fear of being “caught” in the Gauntlet. All rolls made to enter or leave other Umbral Realms are made with a +2 bonus. However, the Garou may not step sideways quickly enough to dodge an attack that has already been declared.
Action: N/A