Gift List: Summoning

With the connection to the spirits, Garou often rely on them for support when necessary, but because of the strength of the Gauntlet in areas, it has been necessary to develop techniques for summoning, such as the Rite of Summoning. Compounding on this, Garou have created methods for using this same basic concept to branch out to other facets, such as calling minions of the Wyrm in for a trap, or even reversing a summon to keep a pack or personal totem from being able to grant their benefits to a group or enemies.

The following Gifts are available to the Galliard Auspice, as well as the Black Fury and Fianna tribes.

Call of the Wyld (•)

The werewolf may send her howl far beyond the normal range of hearing and imbue it with great emotion, stirring the hearts of fellow Garou and chilling the bones of all others.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Stamina + Empathy + Glory
The number of successes achieved determines how far away the Call can be heard (double the normal range for each success) and how stirring it is to those who hear it. This Gift should be used in conjunction with one of the Garou howls. The Storyteller determines the effects as appropriate to the purpose to which it is put, perhaps awarding a bonus die to revel participants for each two successes, or granting a point of Gnosis to all listeners for an exceptional battlefield howl.
Action: Instant

Call of the Wyrm (••)

This dangerous Gift attracts creatures of the Wyrm, luring them into traps and ambushes or flushing them from hiding.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Expression + Cunning, contested by the highest Resolve + Composure in the group of Wyrm minions
If the Garou achieves success over the Wyrm’s minions, the Wyrm creature must come to the source of the Call. Once the Wyrm creature arrives, however, the effects of the Gift ends and the minion is free to do what they will.
Action: Instant

Banish Totem (•••)

By speaking words of forbiddance, the Garou can bar pack or personal totems from giving their children aid. Doing so also disrupts the spiritual rapport between packmates, making it difficult for them to execute pack tactics or act in concert.

Cost: 1 Gnosis, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Purity, contested by the Totem’s Resistance
If successful, members of the targeted pack associated with the Totem lose all Traits associated with their Totem, and they cannot use pack tactics or act in concert for the remainder of the scene. If the Garou is rendered unconscious or killed, the Gift is canceled.
Action: Instant

Hand of the Earth Lords (••••)

By drawing on the land’s energies, the Garou can move any one object weighing up to 2,000 pounds (900 kg) simply by gesturing at it.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Occult + Glory
Concentration is necessary to move the object, which travels at roughly 20 mph (32 kph). The Garou’s control lasts for one turn per success.
Action: Instant

Protean Form (•••••)

Born misshapen, the Garou takes her deformity and makes it a source of power. She can twist her flesh in any number of ways, sprouting a number of unnatural features, from extra limbs to additional mouths to grasping tentacles.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary; once learned, the effects of this Gift are permanent.
The character’s ability to partially transform is permanently modified, allowing her to make almost any grotesque modifications the player can imagine. These modifications must logically bestow one of the following effects, and lasts for one scene:

  • +2 dice on a certain category of attack rolls (extra clawed limbs for claw attacks, tentacles for clinches, etc.).
  • +2 damage on a certain category of attack rolls (a chest-mounted squid beak for extra damage on clinches, arms coated in shark teeth for boosted claw attacks, etc.).
  • +5 Speed per turn (extra legs, vestigial wings, etc.).

Action: Instant