Gift List: Spirit Nature

Communing with spirits is a natural part of a Garou’s life. They live and breathe in both worlds, one foot in the physical while the other walks with the spirits. Because of this, they have had to become well acquainted with the ways of spirits, learning to speak with them as well as learning to keep them at bay, when needed.

The following Gifts are available to the Theurge Auspice, as well as the Stargazer and Uktena tribes.

Spirit Speech (•)

This Gift bestows understanding of the language of the spirit world, permitting the Garou to clearly understand and speak with any spirit he encounters. The Gift doesn’t influence spirits’ attitudes toward the werewolf in any way, nor ensure that they have any desire to communicate with him.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: No roll necessary; once learned, the Garou can speak with spirits permanently, without need to roll to activate the abilities. There may be a requirement to make a roll to comprehend what the spirit is trying to say; they are creatures of the Umbra, and the language and communication of the Tellurian completely evades them.
Action: N/A

Command Spirit (••)

The Garou can give commands to spirits she meets and expect obedience. The Gift doesn’t grant the ability to summon spirits — only to compel them to obey. As always when dealing with spirits, clear wording is essential, as some clever spirits may attempt to twist the spirit of issued commands while obeying them to the letter.

Cost: 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Presence + Persuasion + Wisdom, contested by the spirit’s Power + Resistance
Upon achieving at least one success, the character can issue commands to the spirit, which the spirit must obey. Each additional command requires that the play expend an additional Willpower point, but does not require a successive roll as well; the spirit in question is already under her control. The spirit cannot be ordered to leave a place or object (or in the case of fomori, person…) to which it is mystically bound.
Action: Instant

Chains of Mist (•••)

Silvery filaments spin out from the Garou’s claws, becoming streamers of mist that enwrap and confound nearby spirits, sapping their strength.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Academics + Cunning
One spirit of the player’s choice within 200 feet is affected per success. Spirits struck by this Gift treat their Power, Finesse and Resistance attributes as though they were one lower than they truly are for the purpose of all dice rolls for the rest of the scene.
Action: Instant

Spirit Ward (••••)

This Gift allows a werewolf to protect herself from spirits by performing a quick warding rite. The werewolf traces an invisible pictogram in the air that frightens and unnerves any nearby spirits, and which travels with the Garou for as long as it persists.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Wisdom
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The werewolf exudes an aura that entices spirits to come his way. Also, spirits that are within 50 feet (15 meters) of the character gain a bonus to any dice pools equal to the character’s Wisdom for the rest of the scene.
Failure: The werewolf fails to activate the ward.
Success: For each success achieved by the Garou, spirits within 100 feet (30 meters) of the character must subtract one from their dice pools for each success. Any spirit that comes within 50 feet (15 meters) of the character (except a caern spirit or the character’s pack totem) loses one point of its Essence per turn for each success the player rolled. The effect of this Gift lasts for one scene.
Exceptional Success: Any spirits within 100 feet of the Garou are instead pushed out, by force, causing a number of points of damage to the spirit equal to the number of successes they rolled, and spirits must spend a Willpower and take another point of damage before they can cross the ward.

Totem Gift (•••••)

The Garou may plead with her tribal totem for power, with effects varying from tribe to tribe. Rat might send a swarm of rodents to attack the werewolf’s enemies, while Grandfather Thunder might send down the lightning to strike aside obstacles and opponents. The potential of this Gift depends on the favor of the totem, and may extend into the miraculous.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Glory
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The tribal totem is offended by the Garou’s plea, instead turning her ire on the character and her pack. Like a success, the mechanical effects of this Gift are left up to the Storyteller, but should be something significantly horrifying to the character and her allies.
Failure: The Garou’s call fails to reach the ears of her totem.
Success: The number of successes achieved determines the level of aid that is provided from the tribal totem. One success might cause a minor distraction, while four successes could provide some significant benefit during combat.
The mechanical effects of this Gift are left up to the Storyteller, but should be on par with something truly magnificent.
Exceptional Success: On an Exceptional Success, the miraculous occurs, with the tribal totem performing anything from a deity’s appearance in the mortal realm to volcanic eruptions or country-smashing tornadoes.