Gift List: Shapeshift

Because of the innate changes capable within a Garou’s physiology, werewolves have discovered there is more that can be done with their shapeshifting abilities than simply changing form. This ranges from making partial changes to their physique more fluid, to changing the spiritual resonance of another’s being to affect their personal lives.

The following Gifts are available to the Philodox Auspice, as well as the Glass Walker and Stargazer tribes.

Predator’s Arsenal (•)

One of the most unnerving aspects of the Homid shape is its lack of proper weapons. This Gift remedies that problem (while still retaining much of the Homid shape’s ability to blend in with the human world), granting the Garou battle-ready claws and teeth in Homid form.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary; the werewolf simply concentrates for a turn to gain access to bite and claw attacks in Homid form for the rest of the scene. These attacks have a damage rating of 0L rather than 1L, and may be concealed by simple expediencies such as the werewolf keeping her mouth closed, wearing long sleeves, or keeping her hands in her pockets. She can even speak normally without giving herself away, as long as she’s careful not to open her mouth too wide or smile so that her teeth show, although her voice sounds rough and a bit distorted (attempting to discern that there’s something amiss with a Garou taking such precautions requires a Wits + Investigation roll, achieving 3 successes.)
Action: Instant

Mark of the Wolf (••)

The werewolf marks those she comes in contact with, leaving them to carry the same aura of the predator the Garou does. This subtle curse can wreak havoc in a target’s private or professional life, and is a favorite of many homids looking to provoke discord in the ranks of the enemy.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Survival + Cunning
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The Mark of the Wolf enhances the Curse within the werewolf instead, causing the level of Curse inflicted on him to be considered 2 higher than his current Rage rating for the remainder of the day.
Failure: The werewolf fails to inflict the Mark on their target.
Success: After selecting the target, they inherit the Curse as though she had a Rage rating equal to that of the Garou for one day per success.
Exceptional Success: The Rage rating of the target is considered 2 higher than that of the werewolf’s upon achieving an Exceptional Success.

Wind Claws (•••)

The Garou’s claws and fangs pass through the flimsy protections of their enemies as though they were but air and hope.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary to activate this Gift.
For the rest of the turn, all of the Garou’s natural attacks completely ignore any armor (mundane or magical) that targets might be wearing.
Action: Reflexive

Take the True Form (••••)

The Garou can force a being into its true form.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Survival + Cunning, contested by the opponent’s Stamina + Survival + Rage
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The Gift affects the GArou instead, forcing them to their true form for the remainder of the scene, and is unable to shift into any other form, including any partial transformations.
Failure: The Garou is unable to force their target to return to their true form.
Success: With success, the opponent is forced to revert to their breed form for one turn per success. Other shapeshifted creatures, such as vampires masquerading as wolves, that are targeted by this power are likewise forced to revert to their true forms.
Exceptional Success: By achieving an Exceptional Success over their opponent, the target is forced into their true form for the remainder of the night.

Malleable Spirit (•••••)

The werewolf can change a spirit’s form or purpose.

Cost: 1-3 Gnosis, the amount is based on what the Garou tries to accomplish; 1 Gnosis can change characteristics such as Willpower, Essence, or Corpus, 2 Gnosis can change the disposition of the spirit, whether it be Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile, and 3 Gnosis allows the Garou to change the type and even chorus of the spirit, whether it be Naturae, Elemental, and even Bane.
Dice Pool: Purity + Rage, contested by the spirit’s Finesse + Resistance
Action: Instant