Gift List: Savagery

Combat is an inevitability while in war, and the Garou have taken this to heart. Creating these Gifts, the werewolves focused on ways to end combat quick, increasing the effectiveness of their attacks in a fight. This not only increases the amount of damage that can be dealt in a short amount of time, but also ways to degrade their opponents so they are less effective adversaries.

The following Gifts are available to the Black Fury and Get of Fenris tribes.

Spur Claws (•)

In ancient times, Garou warriors made common cause with the spirit-Queen of Bees. As her own hive-children rallied to protect her, so too did the Garou fight in defense of Gaia, and the Queen decreed that they should be properly equipped for the fight.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary to activate this Gift; after spending the Gnosis, the next successful claw attack the character makes buries her claws into the victim, where they stick after breaking free from the werewolf’s fingertips. Until the victim takes the time to pull them out (which takes a full turn), they suffer a -2 penalty on all actions. The Garou’s claws take a full turn to regenerate.
Action: Reflexive

True Fear (••)

The werewolf displays his full, terrifying might — baring teeth or claws, howling, or simply looming ominously over a foe. Terror strikes one foe into quiescence.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Strength + Intimidation + Glory, contested by the target’s Resolve + Composure
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The fear exuded by the werewolf affects her allies instead. Everyone within eyesight of the Garou must make a Resolve + Composure roll or succumb to fox frenzy away from her, even if the only way away from the Garou is towards the enemy.
Failure: The Garou’s presence is not enough to cause their target to become afraid of her.
Success: Each success achieved over their victim causes them to no longer be able to attack for one turn. The victim, however, may defend himself and otherwise act normally (although his actions are likely guided by overwhelming terror).
Exceptional Success: The Garou inflicts fox frenzy in his target instead, causing them to flee from the werewolf’s presence. This is inflicted even in those that cannot normally experience frenzy, such as humans, but the effects of the fox frenzy are the same.

Combat Healing (•••)

This Gift allows the werewolf to mend his injuries without rest or hesitation — even in the heart of combat — as claws and bullets tear fresh rents in his flesh. While other Garou struggle to mend their wounds under fire, this Garou never stops fighting.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary; once learned, the effects of this Gift are permanent.
A Garou with this Gift no longer needs to pause or make a Stamina roll to heal during combat, and automatically regenerates one non-aggravated health level every round.
Action: N/A

Stoking Fury’s Furnace (••••)

This Gift allows the Garou to husband his rage, keeping it burning for as long as Gaia’s enemies remain to be defeated.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary; once learned, the effects of this Gift are permanent.
The werewolf regains one Gnosis during any turn in which he takes damage. Additionally, the player may spend one more Gnosis per turn, above what is normally limited by their Rage rating.
Action: N/A

Gaia’s Vengeance (•••••)

The Garou calls upon the Mother herself to strike on his behalf. The terrain responds as best it can: Rocks roll and smash, vines constrict, and water sucks victims under.

Cost: 2 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Presence + Survival + Glory – local Gauntlet Rating. The exact effects of this gift depend on the terrain and number of successes, and are left up to the Storyteller to determine.
Action: Instant