Gift List: Pulse of the Pack

Pack mentality is an almost necessary aspect of Garou society, given the dwindling numbers they are suffering this close to what some are calling their extinction. Garou have augmented this to strengthen the position they currently have now, enhancing the efforts put forth by the pack to be much more effective while working as a group.

The following Gifts are available to the Galliard Auspice, as well as the Get of Fenris and Silver Fang tribes.

Pack Tactics (•)

There’s no doubt at all that at times, one Garou must make a stand and take control of the pack in battle. By taking the lead and coordinating pack actions, the Garou gifts all her packmates with great competence in the heat of battle.

Cost: 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary. The number of successes on this roll provides the same number bonus to any actions performed by packmates, as long as the action is related to a pack-based maneuver. This doesn’t have to be an official pack; if the Sept is filled with packless Garou (shame on you), as long as they are working together as a group against a common enemy, the bonus will be applied.
Action: Instant

Unity of the Pack (••)

It is only natural for those guided by canny leaders to excel. This Gift allows the Garou’s pack to enjoy the benefits of her unifying aura, making them deadlier warriors against the Wyrm’s minions.

Cost: None.
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary; once learned, the effects of this Gift are permanent.
As long as the Garou is in the presence of her pack, they all, herself included, gain a +1 bonus on all rolls when working as a pack. The Garou cannot benefit from this Gift when she is alone; only by working with her pack can she gain this bonus.
The effects of this Gift stack with those of Pack Tactics.
Action: N/A

Song of Heroes (•••)

Reciting a tale of ancient Garou heroism, the Garou conjures up the spirit of fallen heroes and infuses those listening with some portion of their power.

Cost: 2 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Glory
Every two successes on this roll adds one point to a single Skill for all listening Garou and Kinfolk, determined by the type of tale recited and chosen by the Garou telling the tale. This bonus lasts until the sun rises.
Action: Instant, though the telling of the tale takes at least several minutes before the activation roll is made.

Heart of the Mountain (••••)

The werewolf becomes as untiring and eternal as the mountains, and cannot be defeated in a test of endurance.

Cost: 1 Gnosis, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary; after spending the Gnosis and Willpower, for the rest of the scene, the Garou cannot fail any task involving Stamina. Torturers can never break him; though he can’t breathe underwater and his lungs may fill with water, he will not die. While this Gift is active, the werewolf is guaranteed to always ignore the first level of damage received.
Action: Reflexive

Shadow Pack (•••••)

The werewolf summons up shadowy duplicates of himself to stand by him in battle. These shadow-wolves resemble the Garou and share some of his capabilities.

Cost: 1 or more Gnosis. Each point of Gnosis spent creates another duplicate of the werewolf.
Dice Pool: Purity. If successful, the shadow duplicates are formed. These duplicates have the same Attributes and Skills as the Garou, but not his fetishes and may not use Gifts, Gnosis or Willpower. Each has only one health level. The duplicates fade at the end of the scene.
Action: Instant