Gift List: Healer's Touch

Garou who regularly commune with spirits often look for ways to heal, not only physical wounds, but the mind as well, as the Umbra is not kind to those from the other side spending too long within the ephemera. Because of this, it became necessary to develop a way to ease the suffering of those around them, allowing them to stave off frenzy, heal even the most grievous of wounds, and remove unwanted possession by malevolent spirits.

The following Gifts are available to the Theurge Auspice and the Children of Gaia tribe.

Mother’s Touch (•)

The werewolf channels spiritual power through her hands, mending the wounds of any other living creature.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Empathy + Honor – Rage
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The Garou’s touch harms rather than heals. The target takes a number of damage equal to the Garou’s Rage.
Failure: The Gift fails to heal the target and the Gnosis is lost.
Success: Each success on the roll heals one level of bashing, lethal or aggravated damage. The healer may even heal fresh Battle Scars in this manner, if the Gift is applied during the same scene in which the scar was received and an extra Gnosis point is spent. This Gift may not heal the werewolf herself, spirits, or the undead.
Exceptional Success: Beyond the additional successes healing additional levels of damage, the Gnosis expenditure is refunded to the Garou.

Calm (••)

This Gift imparts the secret of quelling the anger in others.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Presence + Empathy + Wisdom versus Resolve + Composure
Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive.

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: Touching the target causes the Garou to siphon their rage and frenzy into her. She must immediately test for frenzy, per normal. Gifts or Merits that help the Garou further resist frenzy are treated normally.
Failure: The Gift fails to activate.
Success: Each success grants a +2 bonus to resist frenzy. If used on a creature capable of frenzy which does not have Gnosis or a Rage rating (vampires, some fomori, etc.), the Gift cancels the frenzy if the Garou scores at least three successes.
Exceptional Success: Achieving five successes allows the target to automatically succeed in one roll to resist frenzy. Subsequent rolls to resist frenzy are treated as normal. Creatures that are capable of frenzy without Gnosis or Rage are left unable to Frenzy for the remainder of the scene.

Exorcism (•••)

This is the Gift of ejecting spirits from places, objects, or even people, whether they are bound or in voluntary possession.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: No roll is necessary, unless the spirit does not wish to leave, in which case a Manipulation + Intimidation roll is made, contested by the spirit’s Resistance.
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The attempt to wrest the spirit from its home bolsters the spirits resolve. The spirit’s Resistance is effectively increased by 3 permanently, making it harder to eject an unwilling spirit in the future.
Failure: The spirit is not exorcized and remains in its bound location or object.
Success: If the spirit was bound to its lodging, the exorcist must gain more successes than the binder did when tying the spirit to its location. This Gift can be used to “cure” fomori, although doing so inflicts ten levels of aggravated damage at a rate of one level per turn as the Bane tears free of its fleshly home. This ensures the host’s swift demise unless a powerful healer manages to preserve his life during the exorcism.
Exceptional Success: Additional successes are their only reward.

Serenity (••••)

The Garou can fill a hot heart with the peace of Gaia, even in the midst of battle.

Cost: 1 Gnosis
Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Honor versus Resolve + Composure
Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The opponent suffers the horror and pain caused to Gaia, filling her with Rage. The target immediately enters frenzy (not requiring a roll) that is hostile towards the Garou, gains a +2 bonus to all combat challenges, and refills on all Gnosis.
Failure: The Gift fails to activate.
Success: For one turn per success, the target automatically fails all rolls involving combat, cannot frenzy, and cannot make any rolls using Rage, including degenerations rolls.
Exceptional Success: There is no additional effect beyond the additional turns per success.

Strength of Will (•••••)

A werewolf with this Gift is a pillar of indomitable will. He can share this terrifying strength with others as well, leading them through the gates of Malfeas without a moment’s fear or hesitation.

Cost: 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Presence + Leadership + Vigilance
Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: As the Garou suffers a bout of fear and hesitation, this Gift pushes that into his allies and packmates; allies within 100 feet and packmates within 100 miles lose a number of Willpower points equal to the Garou’s Presence.
Failure: The werewolf fails to inspire his allies.
Success: Each success grants all the Garou’s allies within 100 feet (and her packmates anywhere within 100 miles) an extra point of Willpower. The extra points last for the rest of the scene and may raise an ally’s Willpower above its maximum (and even above 10). This Gift can only be used once per scene.
Exceptional Success: Through strength of will alone, the werewolf shares not only inspiration and Willpower, but spiritual strength as well. Allies and packmates receive one point of Gnosis per success, and can exceed their maximum.